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Why Join?

    • Average Order value- $110.
    • 6-8% Commission.
    • Cookie Duration- 30 days Commission payout.
    • No Hassle Returns.
    • Price Match Guarantee. (even to Amazon)
    • Free Shipping on ALL Orders.
    • Double Commission for the first 30 days after you join.

How do I become a Baby Cubby Affiliate?
We are part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network. To become an affiliate with us simply click here and fill out the application form and submit it to us. We will send you an email within 1 week letting you know if your site has been approved as a Baby Cubby Affiliate. 

I am not familiar with Affiliate Marketing? 
We have a quick video available that can help explain the basics.

Why join the Baby Cubby Affiliate Program?
Joining our affiliate program allows you the ability to create value for your customers and generate revenue. Through your affiliate links to products on our website, we will track sales that are created by of visitors from your website.  Each month we will send you a commission check for all sales generated by customers referred by your site (order cancellations and returns not included).  Our Baby Cubby Team handles all processing, fulfillment, shipments and customer service for these orders. After setting up your Affiliate links, all you have to do is collect your check. You'll have online access to a dashboard showing your traffic and sales data within your account.

What products are are eligible for commission?
All products available for sale on our website are eligible for commission.

How much commission can I earn?
We offer 6-8% commission on all net sales depending on site type. We cannot predict what your sales numbers will be. The more customers you refer the more you will earn.

How does the commission structure work?
6% Comission is the base rate for all sales. 
7% Commission any time you sales are more than $500 in a given month. 
8% Commission any time your sales are more than $100 in a given month. 
How does the 30 day bonus work?
For the first 30 days after you join you will recieve double commission on all sales. This happens automaticly after you join on all sales for the first 30 days. (for example if your sales during your first 30 days were $510 then you would receive 14% commission that would equal $71).

What is the best way to find out about sales and promotions?
Our monthly newsletter. We will send out a montly newsletter at the begining of the month outlining all the sales and promotions for the month. 

What does it cost to become an Affiliate?
Nothing. Applying and becoming a Baby Cubby affiliate are completely free. We do not impose an application fee or a minimum sales quota.

Is my website eligible to become a Baby Cubby Affiliate?
We will manually review your application and website to determine if your site is a good fit for our affiliate program. Simply submit your application here and we'll get back to you after we review it.

What are the Baby Cubby's criteria for accepting or rejecting an application?
Anyone with a website or social media presence can apply for our program. However, we reserve the right to reject sites that contain objectionable content. We define that as material that may be deemed pornographic, violent, illegal and/or discriminatory. Sites that contain such content will be declined. 
Who can I contact if I have questions after I join?
Our Digital Marketing Director Ryan Wheelwright will be your point of contact moving forward should you have any questions please feel free to contact him at 801.660.1173 ex 102
How do you track the sales that my site refers?
We have teamed up with ShareASale to manage our Affiliate Program. When a site visitor clicks the affiliate link on your website and purchases a product at Baby Cubby, Pepperjam tracks the sale. Pepperjam has an online dashboard were you can log in and see how much traffic each link is driving and the total amount of revenue you have earned. Pepperjam also automatically disburses payments every month for your commissions so you don't have to worry about when payment will be sent.

When and how do I get paid?
The Baby Cubby issues commission checks monthly through Shareasale. If your commissions for the month are less then $25 dollars, the commission will accrue and appear in the subsequent month. You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

How soon will you be notified that you have been accepted into the Shareasle network? 
You should hear back within 24-72 hours upon verifying your email address.
How will you know if you've been accepted?
You will be notified via the email address you signed up with.
Why Baby Cubby?
Remember when you were a child and you had that special place where you put all of your favorite things? That was your cubby. We realize now that we are parents, our life is our cubby. We all have limited time, money, & health. We wouldn’t dare put something we didn’t love into our “cubby” as a child, why should being an adult be any different?

Contact Ryan Wheelwright at:
801.660.1173 ex 102

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