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The Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor is helping new parents get a good nights sleep everywhere. Owlet has been developing ground breaking technology for the past few years in order to offer new parents a way to monitor their infant's vitals. More and more infants are dying from SIDS every year, no wonder parents are worried at night when putting their baby to sleep. With the Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor you are able to read your baby's heart rate and oxygen level, but dont worry you dont have to be a doctor to use it, the device will alert you through the use of a base station when their levels are too high or low. So now you can rest easy because the Owlet will be up all night so you dont have to be. 

  • Owlet V2 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor
    Owlet V2 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor
    Price: $299.99
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