Chronicle Books Sticker Roll

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Stickers are great for just about any occasion! These rolls of stickers are 10 feet long, include fun themes, and can be easily put away in a cute little box.

Seal the deal with these cute sticker rolls! 10 feet of stickers are included in each box and they can nicely be used one at a time as the sheet unrolls. Oh yeah, and there’s a theme!

Why Parents Love Chronicle Books Sticker Rolls

  • They can neatly be rolled out one sticker at a time
  • Good entertainment for kids
  • Comes with storage

Why Children Love Chronicle Books Sticker Rolls

  • Exciting themes
  • Dozens of stickers to use
  • Good use of creativity

What’s Included

  • Dispenser box
  • 10 feet of themed stickers


  • 10 feet of stickers
  • Convenient dispensable box
  • Box stands upright and stacks
  • Ages 3+


  • Box: 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.25”