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Receive a $5 Baby Cubby gift card for each survey you complete! Thank you for your feedback!!

Click one of the surveys below to get started. (Choose up to 5)

Survey FAQ's

  • Will I receive a confirmation email after I complete each survey? 
    • No, the only email we will send to you will be for your gift card by August 5th. 
  • When is the last date I can complete a survey? 
    • Sunday, July 23rd 2017. 
  • How long will it take to complete each survey?  
    • Each survey should take between 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • How many surveys can I complete? 
    • You can complete up to five surveys per individual.
  • How much will the gift card be? 
    • You will receive a $5 gift card to our store/website for each survey you complete.  
  • What type of gift card will I receive? 
    • The gift card will be to The Baby Cubby. 
  • How will I receive the gift card?  
    • Via the e-mail you provided for your surveys.
  • When will I receive my gift card? 
    • You will receive your gift card by August 5th.
  • What should I do If I do not receive my gift card? 
    • Send an email to Please include the email you used when you completed the surveys and which surveys you completed. 
  • Does the gift card expire? 
    • The gift card does not expire.
  • How will you know how which surveys I completed?  
    • At the beginning of each survey we will ask for your email address. All of your completed surveys will be associated with this email address.
  • Will my email address be confidential?
    • Yes, we will not share your email with anyone and we will not add you to any email lists. We will only contact you to send you your gift cards.
  • Can I invite my friends and family to complete a survey?
    • Yes, we would love to have you invite your friends and family to complete a survey if they are familiar with our company.
  • How can I invite my friends and family to participate?
  • What type of questions are on the survey? 
    • Each survey has a number of fill in the blank questions as well as multiple choice. 
  • If I decide to complete more than one survey do I have to complete them at the same time? 
    • No, as long as they are completed before July 24, 2017. 
  • Why are you collecting this feedback? 
    • So we can provide you with an even better experience. 
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