Little Stocking Co. Knee High Socks - Mustard

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These adorable, soft knee high socks will brighten up any school, adventure, or dress up outfit!

Instantly dressing up any outfit, Little Stocking Co has carefully created each unique color to elevate the style of your little one. Paired with worn boots, mary janes, or even without shoes, they immediately give you the feeling of being on Green Gables, in a Roald Dahl book, or on an adventure with Scout Finch. The genius pair that created them designed them so that the size will wear true *after* washing, knowing that parents everywhere will definitely be laundering these often based on how frequently their child will want to wear them!

Why Parents Love Little Stocking Co. Knee High Socks

  • A functional, warm, and soft solution to making an ordinary outfit, extraordinary¬†
  • The small amount of spandex ensures that the socks will stay on little legs

Why Children Love Little Stocking Co. Knee High Socks

  • Children love the soft, bright colors that will allow them to have fun in style


  • Adorable, vintage-knit design
  • Colors that will pair with almost any outfit
  • Spandex ensures the socks will stay on little legs

Material and Care

  • Socks: 78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% spandex
  • Low maintenance care - toss them in the regular laundry