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Getting used to breastfeeding can be quite overwhelming. Whether it is your very first time doing it, or you just haven’t nursed since your last child it can be so different. One key to making your adjustment smooth is to have an amazing nursing cover! Feeling confident that you can get out of the house and resume your normal daily activities without the stress of where you will hide when it is time to feed the baby is key! There are a couple different types of nursing covers on the market, and knowledge is power so we have compiled that information here for you so you can find exactly what you need!

Apron Style

This cover type has been around for many years, so you have likely seen them around. They look a lot like a cooking apron but they don’t have a waist tie. All you have to do is slip the top strap around your neck and you are good to go! Many of these covers have some sort of wiring or boning at the top. It gives the top of the cover some weight, and pulls it away enough that you can peek down and help baby when you need to, or adjust pumping parts. Such an awesome feature! Apron covers are quick and easy to put on! However, it can also be pulled or kicked away by a flailing baby just as easily. If you are just pumping, you obviously won’t have the flailing issue, and the fact that you can see what you are doing is a big plus! This style is probably your best bet if you are an exclusive or frequent covering pumper!

Scarf Style

If you are really into scarves, then a scarf nursing cover could be perfect for you! These covers are made as infinity scarves, so they are one continuous circle of fabric. Use is pretty self explanatory; circle twice around your neck for scarf wear, or just hang the cover around your neck and under one shoulder to nurse! The fabric falls to your waist covering front and back! 

Coverage is more complete with this style because it wraps completely around your front and back. Flailing baby won’t be exposing you! This type of cover hangs more flat to the body (no boning or wiring), so it can be a bit more difficult to help baby or adjust your pump parts. But, the security of knowing you won’t be exposed to the world around you is worth the adjustment for many moms!

Poncho or Multi-Use Style

These covers are popping up all over the place these days! They are almost like a shirt; covering both shoulders, your front and back, and down to your waist. Like the scarf type it gives you complete coverage everywhere! Many of these covers, like Covered Goods,can actually be used as a scarf, car seat cover, and shopping cart cover as well! Since there is plenty to carry around as a mom, getting multiple different uses out of one item is really something to be excited about! Again there is not a rigid neck or border on these, so like the scarf style, this can be a bit more tricky when trying to pump. However, it makes everything else super convenient. Not having to worry about someone you don’t want seeing your ladies while you nurse, takes so much worry and stress out of the whole process!

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what works best for you and your tiny human, but hopefully you feel better informed about your options now! Sometimes, it might take buying one type of cover and then trying another until the perfect match is found. The most important thing is that you have something that helps you feel more confident! Remember, you are a superhero! You brought this child into the world, and are now keeping them alive and happy. Breathe through the learning pains and have confidence in yourself, because we have confidence in you! 

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