PlanToys Dollhouse

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The Plantoys dollhouse will bring back memories for you, while allowing your children to make new ones. 

A traditional wooden dollhouse that everyone will love. With a balcony, sliding doors, and 4 rooms, your children will have countless hours of fun. The simple and timeless natural wood color is a great canvas for your children to decorate and renovate their own little home. 

Why Parents Love the Plantoys Dollhouse

  • Timeless toy
  • Promotes creativity and imagination 

Why Children Love the Plantoys Dollhouse

  • Can be redecorated over and over 


  • PlanToys does not use chemical dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals


  • Made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex
  • Recycled paper and soy ink are used for the printed materials

Dimensions and Weight

  • 13.77x24.61x 22.64
  • 31.5 lbs