Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib - Hazy Grey

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Let the Stokke Sleepi Mini Bed work for all stages of infanthood and beyond. Your baby will enjoy the comfort of this crib's distinct oval shape while you can lift him easily in and out, with the help of an adjustable mattress base. As you use this crib through the years, you'll maintain a sense of familiarity in your child's bed, while also taking up minimal space in the nursery. Enjoy the whimsical design while utilizing the Stokke Sleepi Mini Bed's efficient lockable wheels. 

Whats included

  • Complete Stokke Sleepi Mini Bed
  • Mattress¬†
  • Drape rod


  • Oval shape to create a nest for baby
  • 360-degree air circulation for optimal sleep comfort
  • Adjustable mattress base for easy child access
  • Lockable wheels for room-to-room movement
  • Part of the Stokke Sleepi four-beds-in-one concept

Dimensions & Weight

  • 67 cm tall and 26 cm wide

Weight Capacity

  • Crib adjusts to fit your growing child up to 3+ years (with necessary parts)


  • Side-sections, Rods, and Spacers: Solid beech wood
  • Curved elements: Beech laminate
  • Plates: Beech plywood

Complete the Nursery

  • Stokke Sleepi Mini Bumper
  • Stokke Sleepi Mini Mattress
  • Stokke Sleepi Mini Fitted Sheet