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Stokke Tripp Trapp

Stokke Tripp Trapp

by Stokke
Price: $249.99

Not only does Tripp Trapp® grow with your child, it can be adjusted to custom fit your child’s body through its unique depth and height adjustable seat and foot plate. This enables comfortable and correct ergonomic seating for children of any age.

Why It's a Cubby Pick

Knowing you're buying a chair that can be used for years is an investment. With high quality wood and fun colors the Tripp Trapp looks great in every home. 

Price: $249.99

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    31" H x 19" D x 30" W
    Cultivated Beechwood
    15 lbs
    • Amazon Review: 4.4 out of 5 Stars
    • 287 Review (4-30-2014)




Tripp Trapp® Chair

Not only does Tripp Trapp® grow with your child, it can be adjusted to custom fit your child’s body through its unique depth and height adjustable seat and foot plate. This enables comfortable and correct ergonomic seating for children of any age.

Height and depth adjustable seat and foot plate:

  • Grows with the child.
  • Lifts the floor up to the child - gives stability and ability to move.
  • Chair adapts to the child’s body instead of vice versa.
  • Elevates the child up to the correct height at the table.
  • Child is part of dining experience.
  • Promotes parent - child bonding.
  • Child is sitting ergonomically correct.
  • Longevity of product.

Manufactured from cultivated beech

  • Strong, solid and durable.
  • Environmentally friendly/safety.
  • Longevity of product.

No fixed tray

  • Comes closer to the table.
  • Develops hand/eye co-ordination.
  • Socialising.
  • Easy for the child to move.

7-year warranty on wooden components

  • Registration at entitles the owner to a 7-year Extended Warranty.
  • Good investment.
  • Security.
  • Good value for money.
  • Proof of quality.

Tripp Trapp® chair 
A modern classic.

The Tripp Trapp® chair, created in 1972 by thedesigner Peter Opsvik, has never been bettered. In 1972, revolution was a fact. Back then no one had seen anything like the Tripp Trapp®, and more than 40 years later it is still unique: the only child’s chair that can take you from baby to adult, keeping you secure and comfortable all the way.

The Tripp Trapp® designer’s inspiration came from watching his own young son, Tor, struggle to find a comfortable position to sit in at their family table. Having grown out of his old-fashioned high-chair, but still far too small to sit on an adult’s chair, Tor was left dangling his legs and struggling to reach the table.

Tripp Trapp® Benefits 
The chair that grows with the child.®

We know: you’re busy. Everyone’s busy. Life moves fast, and so do you. These days, we’re always on the go. That’s why shared meals and moments spent sitting round a table are more important than ever. The Tripp Trapp® is an ingenious baby chair designed to fit right into your table, bringing your baby right into the heart of your family, allowing her or him to learn and develop right alongside you. And it is also the chair that grows with your child, meaning it can be used right into adulthood. The Tripp Trapp® chair’s intelligent, ergonomic design allows freedom of movement and encourages play and independence, while still making safety and security paramount.

What do you do when your feet don’t reach the floor and you can’t shift your weight when you feel the need? Well, you can’t move the chair down to the ground, because then your elbows won’t reach the table. So how about moving the floor up to meet your feet? That’s what the Tripp Trapp® does, by providing a stable footrest that supports a child’s feet and allows it to sit at the correct height, its elbows inheight with the table, in comfort and security. Then there’s the problem of your upper body not being supported because the back rest is too far away. The Tripp Trapp® chair’s unique depth adjustability solves that one, meaning that no matter how big or small your baby, his or her feet and back can be perfectly supported. Not only does this chair grow with your child, it can adjust to custom fit your child’s body, enabling comfortable and natural ergonomic sitting.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Tripp Trapp® adjusts to the size of your child, ensuring he or she is always at the perfect height to eat, play and interact, with his or her feet properly supported, at whatever age. 

But there are some things to bear in mind. Stokke® recommends limited use of any high chair when a child is very young. Yes, even the ergonomically designed Tripp Trapp®. Of course, later on the child can decide when to sit and when to walk around, but in the early days of a child’s life, parents need to be aware that until a baby can sit up without support – usually at about 6-9 months - it’s better off playing on a clean floor, on a play mat or even in a playpen.

Once babies can sit up unaided, they still should never really be seated for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time - long enough to eat, not to sleep. Babies’ spines and muscle structures are at a delicate stage of development so their feet and backs should be properly supported at all times.

The Tripp Trapp® chair’s unique adjustability makes it possible to ensure your child is sitting with elbows at table height and feet supported, leaving room between the seat and the child’s calves. The legs should be supported at approximately 90 degrees. The back of the knees should for babies have about two fingers’ width clearance from the seat front to aid circulation. As the child grows, see to that approximately ¾ of their thigh is supported by the seat plate.

Tripp Trapp® design: Peter Opsvik


The Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ should only be used with the seat plate in the first groove from the top of the chair. To further increase the backward stability of the Tripp Trapp® chair, a replaceable, extended rear glider (”Extended Glider” has been developed for the Tripp Trapp® chair. We recommend that you always use the Tripp Trapp® Extended Glider while the chair is being used with a harness or the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™. The Extended glider is included in the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™.



How to adjust your Tripp Trapp®


Seat and footrest placement

It is important to adjust the depth and height of the seat and footrest to fit the size of your child. The position of the seat and footrest should be checked as the child grows - at least once a year! The seat plate and the footrest must be supported by the full length of the grooves on the sides (not half way supported) 

Seat placement


The seat is at the correct height when your child’s elbows are level with the table top.


For correct depth of the seat, position the child’s back against the backrest with the seat supporting ¾ of the thighs. For the child’s best comfort it is important that the seat depth is not too deep. Leave comfortable space between the front edge of the seat and back of the child’s knee. It is surprising how small a seat a 6-8 month-old baby needs! The seat plate should not protrude more than 4-5 cm in front of the side legs.
 Footrest placement


The footrest is at the correct height when the sole of the child’s foot can rest flat on the footrest, while the thighs are touching the seat.


Make sure the forward edge of the footrest NEVER protudes beyond the front tip of the chair legs at floor level.
 Cleaning and maintenance

Wipe with a clean damp cloth, wipe off excess of water with a dry cloth. Moisture will leave cracks in stain. We do not recommend the use of any detergent or micro fibre cloth. Colours may change if the high chair is exposed to sunlight.

Product information

The chair is made of cultivated beech. The varnish contains no harmful substances, and the liberation of formaldehyde from the varnish complies with E1 requirements.

Safety approval

Tripp Trapp® high chair assembled with Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ complies with EN 14988:2006.

Please read this information:
Never leave child unattended
The Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ should only be used with the seat plate in the first groove from the top of the chair.
Always use the restraint system when the seat is in one of the top 3 grooves.
Always keep child in view.
Stay in reach of your child.
Do not use the chair unless all components are correctly fitted and adjusted. Pay special attention to the seat and foot plate – make sure these are properly fastened before you put your child into the chair.
Do not place the chair near an open fire or other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires etc due to the risk of fire.
Do not use the chair if any part is broken, torn or missing.
Do not use the chair before the child can sit up by itself.
Always place the chair on a level stable surface and make sure that the chair has space to slide backwards.
Be careful not to place small items, toxic substances, hot objects, and electrical flexes etc near the chair where your child can reach them, as they may cause choking, poisoning or other injuries.
Remember to retighten all screws 2-3 weeks after assembly of the chair. After that you should check on and retighten the screws if necessary on a regular basis, e.g. every second month. Keep the Allen key for future use, but out of the childs reach.
Do not use any accessories or replacement parts not manufactured by STOKKE®; this may affect your child’s safety.
Do not use the chair as a step stool.
Do not use with a booster seat.
The child should be secured in the chair at all times by the restraining system.
TRIPP TRAPP® is intended for use when your child is capable of sitting upright unassisted (approximately 6 months)
NEVER use the Tripp Trapp® chair without any glider.



What is the minimum and maximum seat weight?

From birth to 300 lbs using the baby set for you infant

Is the tray dishwasher safe?

Yes (not included)


  1. Review by Elizabeth
    February 17, 2016

    Modern and Functional

    Love our Tripp Trapp and that it isn't an eye sore in our modern kitchen. I tell all my friends about it.




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