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The Ultimate Twin Registry List

The first doctors appointment of a pregnancy is a much anticipated event. You have been anxiously (sometimes sleeplessly, thanks to those early pregnancy fears) watiting to hear a strong heartbeat on that doppler. Then your doctor finds TWO strong heartbeats. WOW. WOW. WOW! At some point the fact that you have to prepare for two babies sets in. Twins are not a two-for-one deal (you'll probably hear that a lot). The only things they share are their birthday and your womb. You will surely need more of a lot of things than you would with just one baby. However, you don't want to be drowning in baby things either. Put your feet up, take a few (hundred) breaths, and let us help you create your perfect twin registry!




*Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST if you're nursing twins. A regular nursing pillow won't cut it. Be nice to your back and invest in this pillow. It's amazing, comfortable, and has a pocket to hold all the little things you need close while nursing. (**ALTERNATE TEXT: If you are going to nurse your twins, a nursing pillow is an absolute must. There are multiple brands on the market, so we suggest that you take the time to familiarize yourself with each option. You need something that will be kind to your back, and your sanity as you navigate the world of tandem feedings. You can check out the great options offered at Baby Cubby here or here! Or, stop by the store to try one out in a nap worthy recliner.**) tubby_todd_nursing_salve

Nipple Cream: Just like any skill, whether its your very first time or you are re-learning, time is needed for adjustment. Breastfeeding nipples are no exception. You will want some tried and true cream like the Mama Nursing Salve from  Tubby Todd to help soothe and heal the girls. The all-natural ingredients ensure that you don't have to worry if baby takes in a little bit when they nurse!

Nursing Cover: If you nurse your twins at the same time,  you need something that covers your entire chest. No more discretely covering up one side a time, you've got two hungry babies needing that mama milk. Covered Goods give all around coverage, and have adequate stretch to cover both baby tops and a mama chest. multi-pak-multi-color_a

Nursing pads: You're going to have double the amount of milk. If you're prone to leaking, you will need some pads. Register for a washable kind, so you don't have to buy reusable ones over and over and over get the point.

Bottles: All babies are different and you will find your baby may only like a certain bottle. Start by registering for the storage set that matches your breast pump. These often come with multiple use and storing options which is great for all the milk you are dealing with. If that doesn't suit your baby,or you want other options we love Comotomo and Avent bottles!

Bibs and Burp cloths: Double the milk potentially means double the spit up. Keeping that spit up off of baby's and your clothes (or wiping it off of them *reality*) happens much more in one day than one could possibly count. There are so many adorable options, you're going to want to find which versions you like best. You will want lots of these things laying around!

*High Chair: Don't take up more space than needed. You have twins after all. Get these high chairs that go on your existing chairs. Register for two. (***alternate text: When those babies are

ready to start solids you will need a way to keep their busy bodies put while they eat. High chairs are obviously a must. Since you typically want your twins to be on the same eating schedules, you will want two. Our Cubby Pick is the
Boon Flair!***)

Breast Pump and Accessories


Breast Pump: If you're nursing or exclusively pumping, you'll need a good breast pump. Most insurances pay for all or a majority of your breast pump now, so make sure to

 check if you have a durable medical benefit. If you get a choice, I highly recommend the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro Bag or the backpack. Having the extra storage for breastmilk bags, bottles, etc is a must! Also, most hospitals use Medela, and if you have to use their pump while in the hospital, all the stuff they give you isusually compatible with your breast pump. 

Car adapter and other accessories:  You definitely want a car charger for your pump. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do no matter where you are. The adapter is such a nice thing to have! All pumps have other accessories too, so make sure to take a look at the options. 

Breast Pump shields: Your breast pump comes with the standard breast shield (usually 24mm). However, it's not a one size fits all thing. So take a look at the other sizes and see if you'll need any. The size of these can have a big effect on your pumping effectiveness, so take the time to be informed!

Breastmilk Storage Bags: If you register for the storage set, you will have a small stock of these. After/instead of those, there are quite a few options out there so just take your pick.


Changing Pad: This keeps the baby getting their diaper changed up and away from the baby that is crawling around on the floor. If you're just changing one of them on the floor, the second one will crawl right over them. That could be quite the messy situation (hello open diaper!) and then you will wish you had one.


Ubbi Diaper Pail: You have two cute baby bums in your house, so you have double the diaper situation. The Ubbi pail takes ANY trash bag, so it's a buy-once-and-be-done type deal. No specific refills, which truly is amazing. If the can smells at all, you can wipe it with soap and water, and tah-dah, smell is gone!

Diaper rash cream: With all those diapers, you will unfortunately see the dreaded diaper rash. Tubby Todd has an All Over Ointment that soothes those sore bottoms with all-natural ingredients. Help those sweet baby tooshies adapt to the diaper life as comfortably as possible.

Diapers and Wipes: Yes, you'll need TONS of diapers and wipes. There are two of them. BUT, unless you have a very specific brand you plan on using, don't register for diapers or wipes. Just like clothes, everybody who doesn't use your registry will get you diapers, wipes, and clothes.


Thermometer: A forehead thermometer. Trying to get a temperature from under and armpit or tongue is hard enough with one wriggly baby. Save yourself from the double-baby-thermometer battle with a single swipe across their forehead!

Nail Clippers: Best time to clip a baby's nails? When they are eating! They are distracted with the food, and will likely hold their hands still better. The  NailFrida clippers are especially nice since you can see where you're clipping. So many moms have accidentally snipped those small sweet fingers, the little window in these clippers let your mama heart rest while you trim the little nail daggers.

Snot Sucker:  Your babies can't blow their noses so you'll need to remove that snot for them! It looks gross, but there is truly not a better way to clear out those tiny noses than with the completely sealed suction of the Nose Frida. Don't skip this one!




Crib: You will need two cribs. You could get creative and do a pack n play and a crib, but your babies need a good bed just like you need a good bed. Register for two if you don't have one from previous children.  We suggest measuring the space the cribs will be going. You surely don't want to discover you don't have room for both cribs after they have been put together.

Crib Mattress: Register for nice mattresses. Your baby spends a TON of time here. Comfort their growing bodies with a good mattress. This is a place you shouldn't skimp. Oh, and buy two.

Crib Sheets: Have at least two sheets per crib. Then when you have a scary diaper situation in the middle of the night, you just strip and replace the sheet without extra stress. Good news. So many cute crib sheet prints make it easy to pick more than one!crib_sheet_-_berry_bloom

Swaddle Blankets: You will go through a handful of them every day. They are perfect for just about everything, and can even turn into their lovies as they get older.

An easy swaddle: If you want some extra help swaddling, or just need a tighter swaddle, a swaddle blanket that attaches with velcro makes it super easy. (***link is outdated/out of stock and there isn't an alternate***)

*Wubbanubs(get them up on our site so we can link them??): For the binky babies out there. The little animal attached to these binks keep them in your babes mouth or close by when they do fall out. No more going into the nursery at night to find hysterical babies with binkies on the ground. A definite win for the twin moms. Register for at least two, of course!

Video Monitor: Have eyes on baby without them knowing it, or waking them up by accidentally shutting the door a little too loudly. Nothing is worse than waking up a sleeping child in the night, make that two sleeping children at the same time!

Owlet baby monitor: Truly no greater peace of mind for parents at night. A little sock that uses the same technology as hospitals to monitor oxygen levels and heart rate. If either of them register jump too high or dip too low, the alarm sounds. You do not want to leave this one off the registry!

 Help yourself out and get all white hangers. Lots and lots of them!

Clothes:Unless you have something VERY specific you want, do NOT register for clothes. Everyone will get clothes for you by default. You also truly never know how big or small they will be until they are here. Have a few onesies and simple outfits on hand, then stock up after the babes arrive. You could keep some gift cards you'll surely get set aside for this! Clothes are the cutest. If they are matching clothes? Even CUTER!

Bath Time4moms_infant_tub_1

4moms bath tub: By far, the best tub out there. The thermometer tells you if you're at a good temp, your baby has enough room, and is at the right angle for bathing.

Soaps, Lotions, Etc: Register for a gift set instead of separates. People love to buy gift sets versus one thing at a time.

Hooded towels: Because it keeps their little heads warm and they look oh so cute!

Gear for mom

Large Diaper Bag: You will need some serious space for extra outfits (x2), diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, and more! This will be at your side day-in and day-out, so you want to be 100% happy and in love with it. A great bag is worth every penny, so don't pick one just because of a lower price tag. A great option is the Petunia Boxy. All the pockets and space that you need! People love to give such a crucial item, get it on that registry. londonmist_bb_frontPost pregnancy band:A c-section is quite possible when you're having twins. After a c-section, there can be quite a bit of awkward pressure on your stomach. Register for a band that holds your stomach together. Not only will it help you feel like a normal person while you're healing, but it will help you get your pre-pregnancy shape back faster.

Carseats and Strollers baby_jogger_city_select_double_-_onyx_1

Carseats: There are two things that you want to consider before you pick a car seat. First, the lowest weight the car seat accommodates. Twins have the tendency to be teensy tiny, so make sure you know the weight range of the seat. Second, you want carseats that click into the stroller.

City Select Stroller with second seat (if you have an older child, get the Glider Board as well): This is a twin MUST HAVE. This stroller has a configuration for any situation! Most importantly, the back seat sits higher than the front,  It can carry both infant seats, you'll love that feature more than food sometimes.

Carseat adapter for the City Select: Make sure your carseats will fit in the city select. You will need an adapter for both seats. These are worth every penny!

Valco Baby Jogging Stroller: If you're a runner, this is also a must have. Not only can you take your twins, but if you have an older one, or by golly you're having triplets, this is the perfect way to keep up the running!

Gear for babies

A Mom Friendly Portable Play Pen : Both the Nuna Sena and the 4moms Breeze are EASY to set-up. You'll love each for it's one-handed fold. You can use these things to fill many needs! As the twins grow you will eventually want two, but you don't necessarily need two from the beginning. However, add both to your registry just in case people are being extra generous. sena_night

4moms Mamaroo: It's awesome. Register for two. OR if you don't want two of the exact same thing the Rockaroo is a great option too! That will add another soothing movement into the mix along with the change in item. 4moms_mamaroo_plush_designer_sw_b5420

Bumbo: This is a perfect place for your baby to learn to sit. You can also buy a tray for it, which makes it a great place for snack time or an alternate for meals. You will definitely want two.  If you have an older child, consider asking a friend to borrow one they aren't using. Your toddler will surely want to join in on the bumbo time.

Exersaucers: A miraculous thing when your twins are old enough to sit in one. It not only contains them, but entertains them. YES PLEASE! This will help you make dinner, go to the bathroom, or even better to take a shower. Some may argue that you only need one, but if you get two different ones then you have twice the entertainment. Which in the long run translates to twice the amount of baby distraction. Add two to that list moms!

After you're done registering, pat yourself on the back and have some parties! When the parties are over, check out your registry again. Assess what you didn't get and prioritize which items you will get first. Chances are you received quite a few gift cards, so you can make a dent in the cost of 'needs' with those! Phew! Now all you have to do is wait for those babes, which is truly one of the hardest parts! 


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