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  1. Rubber Bands
  2. We have an intense personal desire to grow and we realize our greatest value is when we are stretched
  3. Family Knights
  4.       We fight for families because family is the center of our lives
  5. Fill Others Cups
  6.        We give of our time and talents because we care deeply about other people
  7. Motherhood - we tied on 2 choices...
  8. Celebrate Motherhood (paintbrush icon)
  9.          We rally behind and stand with mothers by embracing and celebrating the real life of moms
  10.          or
  11. Celebrate Motherhood (paintbrush icon)
  12.          We rally behind and stand with mothers by embracing and celebrating the daily journey of motherhood
  • Soon we will talk about Permission to Play and Aspirational Values, below are what I have for each so far.
  • Permission to Play (required for someone to be on our team)
  • - passion - passion is at the core of each of our values, we are each passionate about family, caring and generosity, eprsonal growth and motherhood.  If you aren't passionate about our core values it doesn't make sense for you to be on our team. "Believe or leave"
  • - No Gossip - Because a caring an dgenerous heart is at our core we do not tolerate gossip on our team
  • - Initiative & Hard Work - self starter - We are proactive and take initiative to work hard and use our time wisely.  If someone on our team is constantly having to be told what to do in order to be productive they aren't a good fit for our team because their actions show they aren't passionate about what we believe and what we do.
  • - Positive Attitude - attitude and motivation - not coming in to punch the clock, 
  • - Trust - trusting each other is more important than skill level.  If we can't trust someone they can't be on our team.
  • Aspirational Values
  • - Humility - Recognizing everything we have comes from God and that humbles us and changes our perspective on life
  • - Leadership at Every Level 
  • - Accountability
  • - Team - one team, one score
  • - Magnify/Momentum theorem - when we involve God in our work and lives he exponentially makes our lives better and makes more of us than we could ever be on our own - focused intensity over time, multiplied by God, equals unstoppable momentum (Ramsey formula)
  • - Sense of Purpose - we come to work each day with our own personal “why"
  • - Humor - Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • - Healthy Conflict - No pain no gain, 1 + 1 = 9, disagreement
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