10 oz Drinking Cup



 The Re-Play Tumbler is your new best friend! There are even enough color options for each kiddo to have their own color! Your kiddo has deemed themselves ready for an open cup, and you have agreed. Now, the trick is to find a cup that is the perfect size. Too small and it isn't cool enough for their "big kid" status, too big and you could be cleaning up rivers in your kitchen once (or twice, or...) a day! Don't forget that Re-Play products are made from recycled milk jugs. A win for your child and for the environment! 

Why Parents Love the Re-Play Tumbler 

  • Made from recycled materials in USA

Why Children Love the Re-Play Tumbler 

  • The perfect size 
  • Fun colors


  • Made from recycled milk jugs (FDA-approved recycled plastic)
  • BPA-free and tested for safety 
  • Made in the USA
  • Big enough for the toddler ego, small enough for the parents' sanity
  • 10 oz 

Material and Care

  • BPA-free, FDA-approved recycled plastic from milk jugs 
  • Dishwasher safe


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