Baby Bum Balm

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Win the fight against moisture and wetness by halting diaper rash before it ever begins! Wink's, all-natural Bum Balm contains zero parabens, petroleum or BHA and provides the best water-skin barrier to keep little bums soft, smooth and happily rash free. You’ll notice the hypoallergenic formula is thicker and glides on easier than other balms thanks to carefully selected and clinically proven ingredients including shea butter, lanolin, and Vitamin E! 

  • Thicker than other balms
  • Contains skin-healing properties
  • Provides the best water-skin barrier (prevents diaper rashes from starting)
  • Helps soothe fiery, irritated skin
  • Use as a preventative to rash
  • Zero artificial fragrances
  • Zero parabens, petroleum or BHA
  • Includes Hamamelis Virginiana, which can also help soothe and calm insect bites and stings.
  • Safe for use on cloth diapers too!
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