Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

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Fact: Grocery shopping is a different story after you have kids. What are you supposed to do when your infant seat fills the cart that you are supposed to be filling with groceries? You get a Binxy Hammock. Problem solved! The Binxy Baby hammock is the perfect grocery shopping tool for parents! Small enough to store in car and diaper bag rolled up, and only takes a minute or so to clip onto your cart. The hammock keeps your cart open for the groceries that you need while keeping your baby safe and snug! Trust us, this is one baby gear item that is truly a must have!


  • For use on metal or plastic standard size shopping carts, 20-24 inches wide
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards
  • Child can be buckled directly into the hammock, or you can fasten an infant seat into it as well

Care Instructions

  • Wash on cold and lay flat to dry.
Weight Capacity 
  • Can be used from birth until a child can sit upright unassisted, up to 50 lbs.



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