10 Must Have Baby Products for Parenting

10 Must Have Baby Products for Parenting

Life as a Mom is no cake walk, but these 10 products  make being a Mom a little bit easier.

The Puj White Babybath Tub

1. Puj - Puj Tub

The Puj Tub is an easy to use bath tub that cradles your newborn and in our opinion is one of the best inventions ever created. We love that it is small, stores flat, and fits in almost any sink so that you can bathe your newborn safely and easily without having to store a big bulky bathtub in your closet.  Since it fits into your sink your back will also thank you because you don't have to kneel down and bend over the bathtub during bath time.  It's made from medical grade foam that doesn't absorb moisture so you don't have to worry about mold or mildew! I love using the Puj Tub because it is so easy to use and it requires almost no storage space, we have it hanging on the back of our bathroom door with the Puj Nub Hooks.

The Baby Comfynose - The Ultimate Snot Sucker

 2. Baby Comfynose

The best way to describe The Baby Comfynose is that it is the ultimate snot sucker! We know that sounds gross, but after you have used any other nasal aspirator you will wonder how you ever survived without the Baby Comfynose.  Before you stop reading let me assure you that there is absolutely no way that you will ever suck up any of your baby's mucus.  You place a small piece of tissue/toilet paper inside that acts as a filter so nothing can actually travel up the tube. (if you are feeling really daring you can even try it without the tissue paper, in our experience we haven't ever had any mucus move into the tubing at all).  Since you can use tissue paper as the filter you don't have to spend money on replacement filters, and everyone can always use a little extra cash.  We also love that the tip is rounded so it is soft on baby's nose, unlike some traditional aspirators that are a little pointed and will sometimes even make baby's nose bleed when they jerk their head while using traditional aspirators.  And the final and most important thing we love about the Baby Comfynose baby nasal aspirator is that it works amazing!!  The first time we tried it we literally couldn't believe how much more snot it cleared out than a traditional hand aspirator, it really is amazing.  So amazing that it is enough to get over the initial - "Oh, that's gross, you suck on it " reaction that you have probably already had.  Trust us, once you try it you will never go back to a traditional aspirator and your baby will thank you.

The Miracle Blanket - Perfect for Swaddling

 3. Miracle Blanket

Swaddle your baby perfectly every time with the Miracle Blanket.  We love this blanket because it is backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee, that's right, we said "lifetime guarantee".  Miracle Blanket has the best warranty we have ever seen for a blanket and we love that they are so confident in their product they stand behind it 100%.  They even cover return shipping with no restocking or other hidden fees like you usually see with product warranties.  The Miracle Blanket guarantees it will stop colic, fussiness, and help your baby sleep because it has a patented design and shape.  Hundreds of medical professionals recommend it for swaddling because it uses a unique design that combines swaddling and lateral belly wrapping which helps your baby go to sleep and stay asleep. And who doesn't love when their newborn sleeps longer?  This is one product you have to try, and with that money back guarantee what do you have to lose?

Goumikids - Goumi Mitts For Baby

4. Goumikids - Goumi Mitts

These Goumikids - Goumi Mitts are the best infant mittens anywhere.  They have a Velcro closure so they stay on your newborns hands, even when they are wiggly.  Since they stay on so well they protect your baby from scratching themselves, which is great for newborns since you shouldn't clip their fingernails for a couple of weeks.  These infant gloves come in cute, fun colors, and designs so you can accessorize them with any outfit! They are also great for protecting babies hands from germs when visitors squeeze their little hands.

Ergobaby - Ergo 360 - Carry Your Baby

5. Ergobaby - Ergo 360

The Ergobaby Ergo 360 is the only baby carrier you will ever need.  It has 4 healthy sitting positions for baby that are comfortable and ergonomic for you and baby. Carrying your baby makes outings and adventures fun and easy. You can have both hands free for playing with your other kids, grocery shopping, or just holding hands with daddy.

The Mixie Bottle

6. Mixie Bottles

The Mixie Bottle is perfect for when your little one is hungry and their screaming means they don't have patience for you to make them a bottle.  It is great for late night & on the go feedings. This awesome bottle can be filled ahead of time with formula in the bottom compartment and water in the top.  When you are ready to make a bottle just pop and a shake, and the bottle is ready.  No measuring formula, trying to find water on the go, or spilling formula in your diaper bag, it's all done and ready to go.  We only wonder why someone didn't come up with this idea sooner, because it is genius.

Bumbo Floor Seat - Sit Your Baby Next To You

7. Bumbo Floor Seat

You have probably seen the Bumbo Floor Seat before, but it is still one of our favorite baby necessities.  It allows your baby to sit up long before they are able to sit by themselves.  As long as they can hold up their head on their own they usually do great in the bumbo, and babies love it because it gives them a chance to look around instead of laying on their back or stomach.  It's also a great help for mom because baby can sit on the floor next to you while you cook, clean, and get ready, helping you have hands free to get things done. It is also a fantastic way to have your baby interact with you and their surrounding environment in a safe, comfortable way.

Preggie Pops - Relief From Morning Sickness

8. Preggie Pops

Morning sickness, if you're a mom and have experienced it you know there is almost nothing you wouldn't do or try to help with it.  Fortunately for Mom, Preggie Pops offer relief from morning sickness, and they taste great and are simple to use and carry with you in your purse or pocket.  They are all natural and doctor recommended. These hard drops help curb nausea and have a great taste! They are inexpensive and worth every penny.

Wean Green - Keep Your Baby Food Fresh

9. Wean Green

Ween Green glass containers are tough, durable and great for storing homemade baby food.  Since they are made with tempered glass instead of plastics they keep baby's food free from any harmful chemicals.  Their tempered glass is made to withstand drops and falls to protect them from breaking.  Easy to clean and easy to store, these are one product that you can use for baby and for older kids too, doubling for baby food storage and snacks for school lunches.

OXO - Stroller Hook - Giving You An Extra Hand

10. OXO - Stroller Hook

Need an extra hand?  The OXO Tot Stroller Hook will give you the extra hand you need when out and about with your little ones. It attaches to your stroller and can hold your purse, shopping bags, and gives your big kids something to hold onto when crossing the street. It has silicone grip so that it keeps your bags from slipping off.  We love using this stroller hook at parks and day trips at theme parks so we can carry extra supplies without cramming the stroller basket full.

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