10 Reasons Women Are AMAZING

10 Reasons Women Are AMAZING

 As women we tend to get caught up in all of the things we can't achieve and won't measure up to. Whether it's not being a size 2, having a perfect career in a field that you love, or being the perfect mother we all feel like we fall short. In order for us to shake the negativity we need to focus on those things that women do, and that women do well. In fact, we feel like with a little encouragement and some much needed perspective any woman can remember why they are absolutely AMAZING. Here are 10 reasons with insight from women IRL that will help you see how truly incredible you are!

"I think women are amazing because of all the hats they wear. Women are mothers, students, entrepreneurs, bakers, photographers, wives, artists, chauffeurs, doctors, and so much more. Women look for ways to make other people happy, to support their tribe, and to serve their loved ones. Even if most of the hats we try on are wannabe hats, we can love ourselves for at least trying them on. Women are amazing because we have enough love in us to make a difference & are strong enough to help others do the same." 

Jen JuricaElevate Everyday


#1: They Do It All

Women have the capacity for so much more than fulfilling one role. We are friend. We are sister. We are wife. We are daughter. We are mother. We are mentor.

Embracing the fact that we are able to help others in such different ways is something that sets us apart in a fantastic way! Multitasking is not something that comes easily to everyone (for instance mention to your husband the next time you see him how enjoyable it is to simultaneously feed, sooth and entertaining your 1-year-old all while the plumber is over).

It takes insight into ourselves to be able to fulfill so many roles, and help in so many different ways, yet we manage it all without smudging our mascara. Let's remember how much we do, and give ourselves a break!

#2: They Try Their Best

When we sit back and think about it, there are a lot of things that don't come easily to us. But does that every stop us from trying our hardest? No. Women are willing to put in the time and the effort to become better, and they help lift and encourage others along the way. Round of applause for all the women who are trying new things and putting themselves outside their comfort zone!

Whether you are learning to sew, training for a 5K, or are learning to breastfeed your newborn and refuse to give up. Being an amazing woman doesn't mean that you never fail, but that everyday you wake up you feel like you can keep trying to be a little bit better.

"We women are pretty incredible, and there are endless reasons as to why I think we are amazing.  But one of my favorites is the tenacity we all have to never give up.  Within each of us is the desire to live and create the best life possible for ourselves and, if we are mothers, our children.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.  And I can’t tell you how many times I have seen women push through some of life’s hardest struggles and come out shining on the other end.   The world can be a scary place.  But when it’s filled with women whose sole focus is to make it better than it currently is, there isn’t much we need to fear."

Michelle PetersenThe Mumsy Blog    

mom and baby at beach


#3: They Never Give Up

Shout out to all the ladies going through tough times (did we just become an interactive pop song?). But really, we all know what it is like to face a situation head on, and not be sure how things will turn out. Life is messy and things do not always work out the way we planned.

Sometimes it takes a pint of ice cream, a good cry and a hot shower to help us make it through the hard days and work towards better ones. We don't give up when things are hard, because women know that there is so much to fight for!

#4: They Care About Others

A baby crying, a frazzled woman in the checkout line, or an overwhelmed mom on an airplane. We notice these things. We offer to help. We care about making things easier for the people around us.

When you used to get so embarrassed by your mother helping to console a distressed toddler at the grocery store, you realize that she was only stepping in because she had a genuine concern for someone else.

Women are kind, and gentle, and understanding. They are aware of each other. They pause to help, and listen. Let's remember that people need women who care to give us all faith in others.

#5: They Understand Their Limitations

There is never enough time. Like, ever. When you think you have your schedule down, something happens that throws a wrench in the entire plan. There is also not a single person who can do everything right all the time.

Women recognize that they sometimes fall short. Women are humble. Women ask for help when needed. It's never easy to admit that we aren't perfect, but that's what makes women even more strong. They know there is no way they can always be at 100% and they know that doesn't make them anything less than amazing.

"Women are amazing because we are complex individuals made up of a myriad of different emotions.  We have a talent of feeling all sorts of things at any given time. Take getting ready for our day: we can feel the excitement for a new day, intrigue for our meeting at 10, worry if we will get our list all done, confidence that we’ve got what it takes, and over analyzing if our outfit is the best choice…eeek, is this necklace right?

Take listening to a friend:  we can feel sympathy for their heartache, driven to action to want to help, gratitude for our own blessings, and hope for a brighter future, all within minutes.

Our racing thoughts and emotions run through our mind like a ticker tape and then we scan for the best possible one. We are all about options. We are the master multi-taskers even within the walls of our own hearts and minds."  

Briana Johnson, The Life Beats Project


#6: They Sacrifice

Women are willing to give up what they want to make sure that others are taken care of. Mothers are an amazing example of this trait, but they aren't the only ones who sacrifice their time, talents, and generosity.

Women are so ready to help. When I think about the people in my life who I would trust the most to come help at a moment's notice, they are mostly the women in my life. The friend that will pick up my sick son, the sister who will help you write your graduate school essay, the wife who will spend hours cooking her husbands favorite meal.

Women are willing to give of themselves, and in return they get the trust and admiration of those around them.

"To choose only one reason why I believe women are amazing is like asking me to give up my coffee in the morning, nearly impossible. There are so many reasons women are amazing. Amazing isn't even a grand enough word to describe the wonder that women are. But one reason that sticks out to me more than others today, as I cuddle my new addition, is the unconditional love that we have for our children.

For some, that love begins the moment the test comes back positive. For others, the moment they hear the heart beat for the first time. And still for others, the first time they see their baby. Regardless of when it happens it is a love that completely consumes us. This is such an amazing emotion to experience and it starts so early.

It boggles my mind how much love our bodies can hold for another human being. And when we have another child, that love doesn't split between the two, three, or five, it just grows.

Women are amazing for so many reasons but this one has been resonating with me lately as we just welcomed another child into our lives. Now if you need me I'll be cuddling my two beautiful babes for as long as I can." 

Mei Li Workman, @missesmelei

#7: They Are Mothers

The ability to have children is simply not something that everyone was made to do. But for those that have experience the miracle that is childbirth you understand that few things will ever compare to being a mom.

The amount of energy, love, patience, faith, knowledge, and tenacity that comes with having children is hard to beat. Being a mother can often bring about the best and worst aspects of being a woman. You can feel down right joyful when you see your son eat a blackberry by himself for the first time, and then downright furious when you see him take another one and throw it on the white rug.

The range of understanding and compassion that comes with motherhood is something hard to compete with, because your heart is simply unaccustomed to loving something so unconditionally. Mothers have hearts that can somehow withstand more than the average person. Mothers are absolutely amazing.

Mom with kids

#8: They Take Time For Themselves

As every amazing woman will tell you there is never a substitute for taking care of yourself. Ever flown on any airplane ever? Ever zoned out during the safety information portion of the flight? Bet you can remember one thing: Put on your oxygen mask first, then assist others. Life is the exact same. By failing to take time for yourself you will not be able to help others the way that you hope.

Whether what you need is a Coke, a massage, a nap, or a date night with your man, you need to make sure that your needs are being met. When a woman is feeling fulfilled emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally she goes from being Woman to becoming Wonder Woman (belt and boots included).

#9: They Love

Unconditional love is another trait of an amazing woman. Women have forgiving hearts. We are willing to look past the rough flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings, and see only the diamond that's underneath. Women love without holding back, and that love drives how they see the world around them. Women see the good, and their love is contagious.

They open their hearts up to new people, experiences, and trials and it seems like their love only magnifies. There are very few things in life that can replace the love of a woman.

"We give birth to life. How incredible is this opportunity? There is no greater sacrifice for a human being than this. The more sacrifice we give, the more we are strengthened and refined, and more we are able to love. That's why Jesus loves us the most, because he gave the ultimate sacrifice. And that is why he tells us to pray and serve our enemies. Because you cannot serve someone without growing love for them. And this is why mothers have the greatest love, because we have sacrificed the most.

It is not coincidence that God chose us to be the gender to give birth. What a great privilege and responsibility we are given. We are in direct partnership with God." 

Sarah Tyau, Our Life is Beautiful

 Woman and man cuddling

#10: They Prioritize

We all know that it's impossible to do everything all at once. Things slip through the cracks, mistakes happen, and there is never enough time. Women are amazing because they are able to prioritize. They have the ability to schedule their days to make sure that the work gets done, the cat gets fed, the lady at church gets visited, and the husband gets loved.

We know what needs our immediate attention, and we make sure to take care of those things first (please see any mother who has a child, and ask them when was the last time they shaved their legs.... But don't ask me, because that's embarrassing.)

By taking care of the things that can't wait, we ensure that those things that might take a little more time, or that we have been meaning to get done will have their day in the sun. All in good time.

Let's take some time to remember that women are so AMAZING. There is no right or wrong way, and there are so many things that we can all do for each other to lift and empower each other. Lets have a community of strong, confident, beautiful women who recognize their worth.

Here's to you ladies! Keep up the good work!

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