10 Reasons You'll Want a Labor Gown and NOT a Hospital Gown

10 Reasons You'll Want a Labor Gown and NOT a Hospital Gown

I’ll be honest, the first time I had a baby the thought never crossed my mind of wearing a labor gown instead of a hospital gown. I don’t even think I knew it was an option. Now that I’ve gone through labor, delivery, and recovery at the hospital I’m convinced that wearing a labor gown just might be the option for me next time around. Here’s a quick 10 reasons why you’ll want a labor gown and not a hospital gown:

1. Style

Okay, there’s the obvious reason-you’ll look super cute! Why wear a generic and original hospital gown when you can add some color or style into the occasion? You’ll look better for pictures and you’ll feel better too.

2. Comfort

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Here you are in LABOR. It’s uncomfortable and it’s hard work! Wearing a labor gown will help ease a fraction of the discomfort problem by eliminating the itchy material used at the hospital.

3. Preparation

Call me crazy, but I’m a visual person and it’s nice for me to be able to visualize certain aspects of situations. In this case, knowing what I’ll be wearing and what I’ll look like will help me be more prepared mentally for the important task ahead.

4. Control

While in labor you are pretty much vulnerable and it’s definitely a situation where you don’t have a ton of control. Being able to choose what you wear is one thing that you can control and that stability could make all the difference.

5. Dual Purpose

The Pretty Pushers Cap Sleeve Transition Gown can easily double as a maternity dress long before baby arrives! The opening in the front for fetal monitors is very discreet and can be ignored until the big day arrives.

6. Breastfeeding Friendly

Each of our Pretty Pusher gowns are perfect for nursing right after giving birth. Whether a quick untie around the neck or loose elastic fabric to be pulled down, baby will be eating in no time while you still have some privacy (because trust me, those hospital gowns do not make breastfeeding easy).

7. Skin-to-Skin Access

Speaking of the tops of these dresses: skin-to-skin access is one of the best features! There's not a gazillion ties to have to worry about tying and untying, just one.

8. Covered Behind

The backs of these dresses may be my favorite part. There are two different styles: low-cut and beautifully showing just enough of your back that you’re still comfortable, or more coverage with a snap-up option. Either one has perfect access for epidurals if needed, but keeps your behind perfectly covered!

9. First Use

There’s nothing like a largely printed “central laundry” along the seam of your hospital gown that reminds you – you aren’t the first to be wearing this and you wont be the last…yes laundry is great and all, but I like the idea of wearing something that nobody else has worn while giving birth.

10. Recovery

Now if you’re not huge on the idea of wearing one of our gowns during the actual delivery, there’s always the option to wear this gown after delivery while recovering in the hospital. Still perfect access for nurses to come in and rudely press on your sore uterus and perfect for breastfeeding.

 Pretty Pushers Cap Sleeve Transition Gown

 Pretty Pushers Original Solid Labor Gown - Black

 Pretty Pushers Original Solid Labor Gown - Cream  

Happy pushing!

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