10 Things to do While Feeding Baby

10 Things to do While Feeding Baby

Whether you're nursing or bottle feeding your babe, you KNOW how it feels to be stuck in your seat for up to an hour getting your little what they need. Don't even get me started on how much time I've spent in our trusty rocking chair doing nothing. Trust me. You want to have something to do.

But what on earth are you supposed to do the whole time you're feeding your baby? Here's a few things that I've done while feeding my littles that you can use just in case you're looking for something to do other than stare at your babe the whole time they're eating...though that's pretty fun too. 


I'm a fan of reading paperback, kindle, audible, whatever! Reading is one of my favorite things to do so this is a no-brainer, and is just about the easiest thing you can do while cradling babe. You can also read out loud to give your babes some extra reading time too!

Catch up on shows

Don't laugh. Post up in front of the TV with a huge glass of water and knock off some shows from your DVR. This was a fave of mine during the middle of the night feedings, but you do you mama!

Clip baby's nails

This was legitimately the only time I could get after my kids' claws. When they were tucked in close and eating, I was able to pry those little hands away and clip their nails without them fighting me the whole time. 


Whether you're doing this on your phone or go old school in a notebook, write down some things you want to remember from the last couple of days. Looking back, you'll be so happy you took the time to jot down some memories.

Pay bills

Ew. But seriously, if you're going to be stuck in place for a little bit, gather up your mail and get your phone next to you and check some things off your horrible utility to-do list.

Face mask

How about indulging in a little self care while you're feeding your little? I would do face masks, foot soaks, and teeth whitening when I was just snuggling and nursing my babes, and it's like you're taking advantage of the little bit of time you have to sit and be still.


Yeah not super original or anything, but with my second babe, this was one of the only times that I could sit and eat by myself for a couple of minutes. A yogurt, some almonds, an apple, whatever! Just snack away while babe snacks away, because as soon as they're done you're back to non-stop mama mode! 

Order groceries/menu plan

This has changed my life for the better, and being able to choose all the things I'll need for meals during the week, and ordering them from my phone is everything. I'm a huge fan of the drive up and pick up, but you can also get them delivered to make it ultra mama-friendly. Either way. Get it done while they're eating and that's time well spent. Oh, and make sure and order yourself a treat, mama.

Facetime your mom

Or your man. Or your bestie. I did this ALL the time when I was nursing in the evenings and I wanted to chat with my sister. Just catching up and having someone to talk to for a little bit really helped when I got lonely or felt chained to the breastfeeding chair.


If you can, why not try and get in a couple of Z's? Pretty much impossible when I was feeding my daughter, because my toddler was running in and out demanding things and saying hi, but with my first, it was so nice to just shut my eyes and zone out while he ate. I look back very fondly on those little naps.

Take advantage of the little bit of time you have sitting still and do some things for yourself, for the fam, and for your little without feeling like you're taking time away from play or learning. So next time you're sitting still and feeding your baby, think about adding something else to make it worth everyone's while.

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