10 Things You Need if You're Exclusively Pumping

10 Things You Need if You're Exclusively Pumping

So you're joining the pumping club, eh?  Have no fear, we've compiled a list of things that will make your life a whole lot easier:

1. A breast pump (obviously....)

But here's a guide to help you pick the right one for you. I would recommend having an electric one for normal use and a hand pump in case you're caught somewhere without electricity. 

2. Snacks and water

Getting enough to eat and drink is crucial to keeping up your milk supply.

3. Breast milk storage bags (and a Sharpie to label them with)

4. A portable cooler with blue ice

Check out this post for all things safe breast milk storage.

5. A nursing cover

This has been a life saver for me if I'm pumping in my car or at work (or really any public place). Check out Covered Goods.  I'm not exaggerating-- they will change your life girl.
Covered Goods

6. A hands free pumping bra

You could even DIY it. Check out this awesome tutorial I found on Pinterest.

7. Burp cloths

Milk can be messy whether you have your baby with you or not-- have some cloths around for quick clean up.

8. Cleaning supplies

You'll want a bottle brush  and soap or microwavable sterilization bags--these babies are SO much easier than an actual sterilizer and some wipes for when you're not near a sink or a microwave.

9. Pictures/videos of your baby

Looking at these can actually help with let down.   Plus, who doesn't love looking at their babe?

10. A car adapter

I especially love this on road trips--let someone else do the driving and you can do the pumping. 

Happy pumping!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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