10 Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower

10 Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower

When you're prepping for baby to arrive one thing almost every mom plans for is the baby shower! It's a great time when we can get together with all of our loved ones and celebrate how uncomfortable we've been for the last several months, and the little miracle soon to make his appearance. But sometimes baby showers can be a little underwhelming, and aren't the magical memory makers that we expect them to be - whether it was under-planned, so the event just ends up being an awkward munch and mingle on pink or blue plates; or, you spend so much time planning every perfect detail that it distracts from actually showering mom with love and congratulations for baby! So, if you really want to make your baby shower memorable what should you do? To make your showering experience the best it can be for everyone there (including you, mama), here's a few tips that should help with your planning!

1. Theme

Pick a theme that fits your personal style, and make the shower your own! It's not only a party for baby, but it's a party for you, mama! If someone is kind enough to throw a shower for you, let them know your esthetic and the things you'd like to have, but don't push too hard for the particulars! The last thing you want to remember is stressing over the unimportant details.

2. Pictures

Try your best to have someone there capturing the event. You'll want to be able to look back on that time to see how you looked, who was there to celebrate, and the types of things you did to celebrate. A fun idea would be to get an instant camera to get fun Polaroids of the shower. I also had my cousin Leanna Chadburn taking all the photos for the shower and she did such an incredible job!

3. Advice

A great way to remember the shower and especially the people who were there is to have a place for them to leave you advice for once the baby arrives. Some of my most favorite things to look back at from my own shower were the advice left for me about motherhood, and the importance of trusting your own mama instincts.  

4. Keepsakes

Try your best to have an activity that can turn into something you can hold onto even after the shower. My shower was planned by some friends and family, and they had an activity where they were able to iron press some cute letters and shapes (airplanes, cars, etc.) on to burp rags and onesies. That way little man was able to use a couple things that were made during the shower! Helped me to remember the fun I had that night!

5. Gifts

Try making a request for a specific type of gift for babe. My sister-in-law made a request in her invites to bring a book to start baby's library. Have your guests write in their name and a little note for him once he's old enough to read it. It will be reminder to you of how much your guests love you and your baby!

6. Decor

If you are planning your own shower, or if you are helping someone else to plan, try to get them to use decor that you can use for baby's nursery. I just went to a baby shower for a friend a couple of months ago, and one of the main decorations was a gorgeous distressed wood piece with a painted map. It was definitely a feature piece and went up in her son's nursery once he was born.

7. Games

Planning games that will make memories doesn't have to be annoying or tedious. Once of my most favorite games was when all my guests guessed my tummy size with a piece of twine, then we compared their string length to my actual bump. There was so much laughing and the closest guess got a little prize. A fun and simple way for you to make memories with your guests! 

8. Guests

One unconventional way to have a memorable shower would be to split up the fun between different groups. If you have a different kind of relationship with your girlfriends than you do with your aunts, think about having separate parties with different vibes. You can have one be much more traditional, and the other can be a little more cheeky. This way you can make sure you are making great memories with all the important people in your life, without missing out on the special moments that could pass you by! Guests at a baby shower

9. Favors

One great way to thank your guests and to make sure they remember how great the shower was, try to send them with a simple, sweet favor. My shower sent everyone home with little macaroons that were absolutely adorable (and delicious). It's an easy way to make sure every guest knows how much they're appreciated.

10. Something Special

Try your best to do something unexpected with your shower, that will make people want to pull out their phones and take a pic. My shower I just remember how amazing the food fit into the nautical theme. But you could also have some unexpected little details in your decor, your theme, or your games. Try to think out of the box, and think about what you would want to do at a shower and create that type of event.                                            

Sugar cookies decorated like sailboats Creative Vegetable tray

A baby shower doesn't have to be just another get together. Make it your own, have it reflect your style, and your sure to get the oohs and aahs from your guests! Try some of these tips for your upcoming shower and remember to enjoy every moment of being showered! You are the star mama!

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