11 Items to Make Night Changes A Breeze

11 Items to Make Night Changes A Breeze

Babies are a lot of work, especially in the first few months of life. Caring for them in the daytime is only half the work! Sure they may sleep a bit more at night, but since you want to be sleeping too night feedings and changings can be extra challenging. Because this can be a hard time, I’ve come up with a list of a few items to help make these night changes easier! 

1-3 A Good Location to Lay Baby

If you’re like me and have a glider, my ottoman saved me when it came to night changes when baby was very small. I didn’t have to move from where I sat and baby was the perfect height and distance away for changing! Our Davinci Olive Glider with Ottoman is perfect for this occasion! It swivels, rocks, and is very comfy for night feedings and changings. If you don’t love the ottoman idea, consider a changing pad like our Davinci Contour Changing Pad which has safety features to help keep baby secure and can rest on a dresser or changing table. Another option is a changing mat like our Gathre Micro Leather Mats, which would be perfect for an ottoman, your lap, the floor, your bed, or most anywhere else!  

Davinci Olive Glider with Ottoman - Dark Grey
Davinci Contour Changing Pad

Gathre Micro Leather Mat - Blush

4. Cooperative PJs

Goumikids GoumiJAMMS aren’t your typical infant gown; these jammies are perfect for night changes because they have a bottom pocket that comes undone with just 1 snap - for easy access without needing to unbutton 10 buttons or unzip the entire article of clothing! Genius. (I mean, have you ever tried to snap up something in the dark when your motor skills are not up to speed? It's. The. Worst.)

Goumikids GoumiJAMMS - Magical Woods (Poppy)
Goumikids GoumiJAMMS - Diamond Dots (Cream)
Goumikids GoumiJAMMS - Forest Friends (Aqua)

5. A Perfect Swaddle

Most of us mamas like to use the classic cotton muslin swaddles, but if you're looking for something to make those night changes a little easier, then the Ergobaby Swaddlers are a great way to go. They make swaddling super easy with the velcro AND because it's a stretchy pocket for their legs you just undo the pocket, undo the bottom velcro, and then change away! No need to turn them over and over to re-swaddle them again.  

6. Necessary Items Available and Ready

Preparation goes a long way in the wee hours of the night; simply having a basket nearby with things you will need can save you from running around searching! The Petit Pehr Mini Storage Bin is a wonderful option for storing your necessities for middle of the night diaper changes: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and anything else you can think of that you’d like handy!  

Petit Pehr Pom Pom Mini Storage Bin - Multi  
Petit Pehr Pom Pom Mini Storage Bin - Blue  
Petit Pehr Just Hatched Mini Storage Bin - Lamb

7. Pacifier

Having a pacifier handy is always a good idea. After finishing a meal, plop one of our Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifiers into your babe’s mouth to hopefully keep them relaxed and soothed while you change their diaper.

Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier - Original

8. Perfect Amount of Light

There is a nifty light out there that is great for night changings. The Lolli Living Nursery Lamp has a night light feature that is bright enough to give a good amount of light, but not too bright as to ruin your night vision or wake your babe. Plus,  low light can be good for your child's eye development!

9. Wipe Warmer

Another handy item for those late night changes is a wipe warmer. Warm wipes for baby’s bottom is a possible way to keep baby calm and sleepy without startling them with cold wipes. Or, if you don't want to shell out the cash for one, just squeeze it bunched up in your hand for a few seconds to warm it up before wiping babe's bottom. 

10. Diaper Pail

Once the diapering is over with, a place to put the diaper is in order. Simply put the dirty diaper in an Ubbi Diaper Pail to avoid smells later on! This pail doesn’t require special bags or have a limited capacity (it holds 35 diapers!) and could fit perfectly anywhere in your nursery.

11. A Game Plan

Last but not least, have a game plan. Will mom feed and dad change? Or will one parent be doing all the work? Having a stocked stash of diapers and a possible set of extra clothes laid out just in case is a good idea, especially in the first few unpredictable weeks! Prepare yourself mentally with a good attitude and try to enjoy these few weeks of (hopefully) quiet night changes, because they certainly won’t last long!

I hope this list was helpful for you! Good luck to you parents out there!

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