15 Food Ideas For Babies That Go Beyond Purees

15 Food Ideas For Babies That Go Beyond Purees

My daughter was always an adventurous eater.  She wanted to branch out from just jarred baby foods at an early age but didn't have a single tooth at the time.  Here were some of her favorite beginner foods:

1. Canned Peas

They are so soft that babies can mush them up in their mouths (no teeth required). I would press down on them once with a fork just so that they were a little easier to eat but not so mashed that baby couldn't pick them up.

2. Avocado

Slice it into small pieces and your baby can do the rest. Avacados are full of healthy fats.

3. Banana

Chop it up into small pieces and let your baby go to town, smashing and eating to their hearts content.

4. Popcicles

They feel great on their little gums.  You can even make your own and pack them with nutrition by pureeing fruits mixed with veggies and then freezing.

5. Cooked lentils

Baby will have a grand old time picking up handfuls--they won't even know how nutritious it is ;).

6. Ground or shredded tender meat

Who says kids have to wait on meat until they have teeth?  In these forms they don't have to. Bring on the protein and the iron.

7. Steamed fish

Small amounts of flaked steamed fish is a a great addition to a babies diet.  It has all sorts of baby brain builders built in.  Just make sure that the fish you choose is low in mercury.

8. Canned beans

Just press each bean between your fingers once to help them along and baby will be golden.

9. Mashed potatoes

Let your kiddo start learning to feed themselves using Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils.  They can be positioned to accommodate any grip in any direction (and that means those mashed potatoes will arrive at their intended destination.)

10.  Freeze dried yogurts bites

These things were a finger food fav in my household.  I may or may not have had to scold my hubby for eating them all sometimes... They are also great when you are on the go and need a low mess option.

11.  Puffs

Find them on the baby care aisle next to the yogurt bites and the jarred food.  They are a better option than cereal because they dissolve.

12.  Thick soups (without large chunks)

Give baby another opportunity to learn to self feed using NumNum Dips.  Their innovative design makes it easier to use than a spoon because there’s no right or wrong way to hold it. That means less mess for parents while baby develops important fine motor skills. 

13. Blueberries

Prepare them just like you did the beans and you're all set.

14. Steel cut oats

Sticky enough to make it a beginner food favorite.  Try using a Boon Swap 2 -IN -1 Feeding Spoon.  It's a dual-ended spoon with a soft end and a rigid end perfect for first time eaters. (Your baby will let you know which side of the spoon works best.) Both sides have a flat tip perfect for wiping off the food that inevitably ends up all over your baby's face. \

15. Canned carrots

These have been cooked so well that they are soft.  Just cut them up fine and they are the perfect baby food.

Just remember that kids need constant supervision to prevent choking. Happy feeding!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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