15 Reasons You Want a 360 Nursing Cover

15 Reasons You Want a 360 Nursing Cover

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360-degree nursing covers are becoming more and more popular these days and if you’re not yet sure what all the hype is about, here is a rundown of 15 reasons why you want one for yourself! I mean for your baby…

1. Multi-Use Scarf

The first thing to know about these nursing covers is they are incredibly multifunctional! One way to use them is as a scarf! Simply double loop the fabric, and just like that you’ve got yourself an infinity scarf: a handy way to transport your nursing cover.

2. Multi-Use Grocery Cart Cover

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover - Classic Black and Ivory Stripe

Another use for this item is to assemble them onto the seat of a grocery cart. This allows your child to sit comfortably and avoid germs from other cart users. Plus, your hands wont be touching the cart either, perfect for both of you.

3. Multi-Use Car Seat Cover

 Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover - Black and Ivory Pinstripe

The most common use for these (besides being used as a nursing cover) is as a car seat cover. These fit perfectly around most, if not all, infant car seats to shield babies from cold, sun, or peeping eyes. They provide the perfect amount of privacy but lift off easily and (obviously) have a hole on top for checking in on your little one.

4. Multi-Use Blanket

The last multifunctional use these play is as a baby blanket. If while feeding, baby doses off and you don’t want to disturb him or her, simply take the cover off you but leave baby lying inside. Position baby so they’re comfortably and safely snuggled under the cover and you might as well consider this a whole new swaddle blanket!

5. No Back Exposure

Nursing with people around isn’t always an easy task! Worrying about popping out or having your backside exposed to others is uncomfortable, but with a 360-degree cover you really don't have anything to worry about. Your back, sides, and front are securely covered and the worries of exposer are gone!

6. No Ties or Assembly Required 

These covers require no tying or untying, no buttons or snaps, and no tightening or loosening of material. It is simply one piece of fabric perfectly sized for both you and baby to enjoy each other’s company.

7. Easy to Peek

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover - Mismatch

Being able to easily check on baby and help when needed is a necessity for nursing covers. These covers lay against mom and baby but simply lifting the material up and away allows easy peeking access for mom.

8. Simple On and Off

Throw it over your head, pull it down your body, and lift one arm out the top. There’s nothing more to it! And to take it off, simply pull it off. Easy cheesy.

9. Stretchy

The rayon/spandex fabric combination allows the perfect amount of stretch for these nursing covers! The stretchiness is why they’re so perfect for a car seat cover and why they’re so easy to use.

10. Machine Washable

There is no fear when it comes to these getting a little dirty because they are machine washable!

11. Variety of Colors and Designs

Have I mentioned these are adorable? Covered Goods has many colors and designs to choose from whether boy, girl, or gender neutral. Every mom is sure to find a cover they adore!

12. They Wont Fall Off

Because of the way these fit, there is no need to worry about baby kicking it off or having it slip off your shoulder.

13. Super Comfortable

I’ve mentioned a few comfort factors - stretchy material, security, and easy to maneuver. But add to all those away and you’re still left with soft material, no itchy tags or fabrics, and that you won't have any straps cutting into your neck or shoulders.

14. Compliments

I do not yet own one of these but it is number one on the list of things I WILL have for baby number two. However, my sister has one and says she gets a handful of compliments about hers every time it is in use. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure I tell everyone who has one how much I love their covers! Nothing can brighten a day like a compliment, and these are sure to get you a few!

15. Favorite Baby-Care Item

I’ve heard from my sister and a few other friends that this is by far one of their favorite baby-care items. Once you own one you wont want to leave the house without it!   

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