2018 4moms breeze plus Playard Review

2018 4moms breeze plus Playard Review

I'm pretty sure almost every parent has found themselves on vacation, late at night after they've arrived at their destination, struggling to set up a portable crib. I know I have! I'd love to say setting up a pack-and-play is only hard because, as parents, we're always doing EVERYTHING late at night when our kiddos are overtired...and so are we! But it's definitely the product! So many portable cribs are extremely difficult and time-consuming to set up, and I just don't have time for that! After a long day of traveling, all I want to do is snuggle up in a comfortable bed and get some sleep. I know I'll need every bit of energy I can get for the next day because vacations with kids are full of so much fun...but not as much rest and relaxation!

The 4moms breeze playard is definitely one of the best portable cribs on the market! First recognized for their easy one-hand setup, these pack-and-plays have definitely made a name for themselves (just like all 4moms products) as being easy to set up, extremely high quality, and very comfortable for your kiddo. And the new 4moms breeze plus is even better than the original! They have made several improvements from the last version, and we really like these updates. The bassinet now only covers half of the top of the portable crib (on the original, it covered the entire top of the crib), making room for 4moms to add a changer so it is easier and more convenient to change your baby's diaper because you don't have to bend down as much. The bassinet is also much deeper than the original, so your baby will be safe and comfortable!

4moms breeze plus

The 4moms breeze plus is definitely one of the easiest portable cribs on the market to set up. All you have to do is remove it from the travel bag, open the velcro straps to remove the mattress, then place it standing up and push down on the center post. Then you can lay the mattress in the crib. Or if your baby weighs 18 pounds or less, you might want to use the included bassinet. To attach the bassinet, you simply place it on top, attach the plastic clips, and tuck the fabric around the top. It's also important to note that the included bassinet and changer is small enough to fold up and tuck into the travel bag.

When you're ready to fold up the 4moms breeze plus, simply remove the bassinet and changer, remove the crib mattress, then pull up on the strap in the center of the crib, and it will stand when folded. Then you can either push it into a corner, where it will remain standing, or wrap the crib mattress around, secure the velcro straps, and place it in the travel bag along with the bassinet and changer. In fact, if you watch the video above, you'll see that we were able to completely pack it up in only a minute and a half!

The 4moms breeze plus is larger than the average portable crib, making it so much more comfortable for a larger child. And when you compare the mattress for the breeze plus, you'll also notice that it is much thicker than the mattress on many other portable cribs. This does mean it's a bit larger when it's packed up and inside the travel bag, but I think your baby (and you!) will definitely appreciate the added comfort!

If you're looking for a high-quality, comfortable portable crib that is easy to set up, this one is definitely worth checking out! It retails for $299.99, which is a bit more expensive than a standard playard, but if you're looking for a less expensive version of this playard, you can also check out the 4moms breeze classic or the 4moms breeze GO. Both of these playards can be easily and quickly folded single-handedly, which means you could even set it up while holding your baby! But most importantly, you will be able to open and set up this playard within minutes of arriving at your destination, so you and your baby can get to sleep. And as parents, we all know how precious sleep is and that it can sometimes be very hard to get!

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