2019 Baby Jogger Release

2019 Baby Jogger Release

We live in a funny world full of all varieties of trends, slang words, fads, binge watching, styles, and so on and so forth; cool things that last X amount of time and everyone is talking about it, watching it, or saying it. One cultural thing we’ve really caught onto as a society is the use of acronyms, not just for texting but actually saying the letters out loud rather than saying the original phrase. While I’m talking about cultural tendencies, I’ll use a cultural reference from the serious but hilarious Captain Holt (from Brooklyn Nine Nine). His logic is undeniable when he states that some acronyms like “be right back” have the same number of syllables as the acronym “B.R.B.”, and therefore don’t make any sense to be said out loud to “save time”. But, alas, it is a thing that this generation has really taken hold of and who knows how long it’ll last or if it will ever go away.

Baby Jogger 2019 City Select Single StrollerBaby Jogger 2019 City Select Single Stroller - Jet

A new (to me) acronym I recently heard was F.O.B.O. Not to be confused with F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out), F.O.B.O. means fear of better options. You know, that obsessive researching, and always wondering if there are better options out there; the need for perfection that is so overpowering that sometimes leads to not making any decision at all. I’m positive everybody can relate to F.O.B.O to some degree.

From personal experience and many stories heard from friends and family, when it comes to baby gear and baby products, F.O.B.O. is incredibly common. You obviously want the best for you baby, you want something that is cost-effective, you want something that won’t “go out of style”, and you want something that you will love. Well, I have good news for you, at least when it comes to the stroller department. Baby Jogger is a brand you can truly count on and looking into purchasing one of these gorgeous creations ought to put some closure to any F.O.B.O. you’ve been experiencing.

I’m not just a Baby Jogger fan because of hours of research and countless articles written about this reputable brand. And I’m not just a Baby Jogger fan because they have an option for literally any type of stroller/stroller configuration/stroller accessory possible. I’m a Baby Jogger fan because I took the leap and bought one for myself two years ago and have never looked back.

Baby Jogger has top-of-the-line products, a wide variety of styles, and several color combinations to ensure you’re getting exactly what best suits you and your family. I dare say that this baby-gear brand is the perfect remedy to any hesitation, and F.O.B.O. shouldn’t have much of a hold on you when looking into Baby Jogger because they fulfill anything you could want in a stroller. And once it’s yours, you simply wont be thinking of any other options.

Baby Jogger 2019 City Select Second Seat Baby Jogger 2019 City Select Second Seat

If you’re constantly waiting for the next best thing, or the newest, trendiest item you are likely to never be satisfied because the world we live in is ever changing and evolving. However, if Baby Jogger has been on your radar but you haven’t been able to make it official because of F.O.B.O., today just might be your lucky day. Because today is the first day of the pre-sale on their new line of 2019 products. That’s right, everything you already love but newer and better. The suggestion for combatting F.O.B.O. is to simply make a decision not on the best option, but on a perfectly fine option. This simplifies the pressure of having the best-ever thing out there, but still satisfies all of the criteria – it's a win win.

So the next time you are faced with a decision to make, don't get caught in the F.O.B.O. trap. And the next time you're looking into buying a new stroller--my humble vote is for a product from Baby Jogger.

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