23 Commonly Mispronounced Brands

23 Commonly Mispronounced Brands

If you’ve been guessing at how to pronounce certain brands, then this post is for you! In the internet-world we live in these days, many items are researched and purchased online, without talking to someone in person, making it difficult to ever know how words are correctly pronounced. The ever growing number of brands and products isn’t helpful with this lack of pronunciation knowledge either! New brands are popping up left and right – it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Guessing on some of these may not be so tricky, but it turns out a lot of them are not spelled phonetically, which is where a lot of the mispronunciations come in. I get it; I named my daughter a non-phonetically correct name. We deal with people misspelling and mispronouncing her name on a regular basis, so maybe that helped compel me into wanting to write this--that and the fact that education is never a bad thing!

Aden + Anais – Aden, like Braden and Anais is pronounced UH-nay. No “s” sound and no more questioning what sound those vowels combine to make.

Avanchy – This one may be more straightforward, uh-van-chee. The middle A sound in there is not an ah sound!

Avent – I’ll be honest, after talking to a handful of people and searching everywhere online, it took calling this company in person for them to be the official tiebreaker for how this is pronounced! A like Abe Lincoln or A like Apple. Well, it’s officially A like Apple! Even though the majority of people I talked to said it the other way!

Baby Bjorn - Baby bee-yorn.

Britax – This company originated in Britain. So the Bri in Britax is the same as the Bri in Britain.

Chicco – This is a less obvious one. In fact, I'm betting a whole ton of people don't know that Chicco is pronounced Key-ko.

Diono – Dee-oh-no.

Fjallraven – I suppose fee-y’all raven may be obvious to some, but definitely not everyone!

Fridababy – Freeda-baby.

Goumikids – Goo-mee kids.

Medela – Maybe everybody says this one correctly, but I figured I’d throw it in here just in case! Muh-dell-uh.

Moulin Roty – This is a very new (to us) brand that we carry from France! Luckily, one of our Cubby Moms speaks French! This is pronounced Moo-lawn (think Disney heroine) row (as in row, row, row your boat) tee. Moulin Roty!

Natursutten – Despite a missing E, this is pronounced nature-soo-tin. Add a cute Danish accent to it, and it’s complete!

Nuby - new-bee

Nuk – Nuk rhymes with duke not duck!

Oilo – Good news, this sounds just like it’s spelled. Oi-low

Rags to Raches – Here’s an easy way to remember this, the creator of these products and this company is Rachel.

Rettel – Rhymes with kettle.

Sakura Bloom – I can’t say this brand without thinking of Shakira. Which is probably why I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all this time! It is simply suh-kurr-uh. NOT suh-cure-uh.

Saranoni – Luckily, I live in Logan, Utah--just a few miles away from the owners of this company, so it’s hard not to hear this name tossed around in these parts. Saranoni = sarah-no-nee.

Stokke – This is another brand name that is near impossible to guess! It’s pronounced stoke-uh.

Tegu – Every time I mention this brand in my writing, I get sad that I don’t own any of these adorable blocks yet (so you should probably get some too while you're reading this)! Anyway, Tegu is pronounced tay-goo.

Wubbanub – Chances are everyone is saying this correctly, but it’s such a bizarre word that maybe some are over-complicating it? It is pronounced wub (like rub), uh, nub (also like rub).

There you have it, 23 commonly mispronounced baby brands. If you made it through that entire list without learning you were saying a single one wrong, you deserve a medal! Are there any other baby brands you would add to this list?

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