3 Things You Can Assign Family to Do While in the Hospital

3 Things You Can Assign Family to Do While in the Hospital

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Delegating is a talent. Scratch that, it’s a survival skill. It is instinctual to some of us and, to the rest, it must be learned and practiced. Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on, it will never be more imperative to your survival than it is once baby comes, especially those first few weeks. Show off your natural or hard-earned abilities by delegating assignments while you’re in the hospital.

1. Grocery shopping

The last thing you need to come to after the hospital is an empty fridge. You are going to be too tired, hungry, and busy to prepare a meal or leave the house for a while. You are going to want a weeks worth (or more, if your delegates are top notch) of staples, healthy grab-and-go snacks, and easily prepped foods. If they’re real over-achievers, a few homemade freezer meals stocked in the freezer for dinners in a pinch, would be a charm!

2. House cleaning

Nesting tends to kick in sometime during the third trimester and inspires you to clean baseboards, wash and fold tiny baby clothes, and clean out decades worth of closet space and storage rooms. If you’re anything like me, it didn’t kick in until I was too big, too uncomfortable, and too tired to do anything about it. Or, perhaps it kicked in early enough and was such a fleeting instinct that your house is due for another deep cleaning. Whatever the case may be, you will want to bring that fresh, clean baby home to a fresh, clean house. You will sleep better in a clean house, function on no sleep better in a clean house, and deal with a crying baby better in a clean house. Relax and let someone else do it for you.

3. Laundry

As the never-ending bane of my existence, this delegation needs no explanation. In fact, if I were you, I would milk this one as long as possible. Maybe start early, too. ;) Unless you make it to your induction date, you likely won’t be planning on heading to the hospital when the time comes; this means you’ll be leaving dirty clothes in the hamper and wrinkled clothes in the dryer. Don’t let yourself come home to a running to-do list and trivial distractions from your new baby, hand it over to friends and family who are eager to help.

Delegating is hard for the control freak in all of us, but if there's ever a time you need to suck it up and let someone else pitch in, it's when you are hormonal, exhausted, and incredibly distracted by a tiny new member of the family.


Written by Witney Loftin

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