4 Easy Hair Styles for Your Toddler

4 Easy Hair Styles for Your Toddler

I'm ALL about EASY when it comes to doing my daughters hair! If I'm being completely honest...I'm lucky if I get around to doing mine.  With 2 kids it's hard to get anything done, sometimes even getting a shower in is hard. I usually end up 'paying for it' in the end with a piles of food dumped on the floor and new "art work" on the wall in the form of ketchup, crayon whatever else they managed to get their hands on while I took my 5 min shower.

Here are my favorite little HAIR STYLES I often do that are SUPER FAST!

#1: PONY TAIL with BOW on TOP.

This is one of my FAVORITE bows by A Little Lady Shop.

You can find similar A Little Lady Shop bows here on our website or in store with more selection!


#2: PONY TAIL with LOOP at the TOP + bow on the BOTTOM.

I love using different sized bows from BIG to SMALL!

#3: PONY TAIL with HOOP + Head-wrap.

...this option is GREAT, especially for "toddler tantrums".  All that hair stays in place!

(we have more styles of Baby Bling Bows to choose from on the website)

#4: CLIP on the SIDE.


...seriously, if it's too high or low it looks strange...and placing it closer to the front of the face rather then the middle of the head looks best!  Here's a little tip...gather that little section of hair and clip it towards the front instead of pushing the clip back, to put it in.

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