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4 Tips for Making Mealtime Safe

4 Tips for Making Mealtime Safe

As your child ventures into the world of solids, it can be a fun time trying out new tastes and textures, watching those funny faces as they try something new, and seeing that cute mess all over their face (not so cute all over the floor though, our Gathre Mats can help with that). Mealtime is a special bonding opportunity for you, your baby, and the rest of the family. You will get the urge to let them try food off of your plate, which is a great thing for their developing pallet. In order to make this time as safe and enjoyable as possible, here are a few tips:

First and foremost, be familiar with how to help a choking child. There are different guidelines for different age groups. Here is a short video that goes over the basics of how to help an infant 1 or younger:
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