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3 Tips for a Relaxing Bedtime Routine for Your Kids -- and You

3 Tips for a Relaxing Bedtime Routine for Your Kids -- and You

I know well the struggle that many parents have with bedtime--kids coming in and out and asking for ALL THE THINGS. A few nights each week my husband is still at work, so bedtime is all up to me. Gone are the days when I just had myself to get ready for bed--now it's me plus three littles, and I've got to make sure everyone can relax and get a good night's sleep. I can see a big difference when my kids have time to wind down and get to bed at a good time. Keeping a good bedtime structure has made all of my kids great at going to bed, which is not just good for them, it helps me SO MUCH too. Here are three tips that I have added into our routines to make it a little bit easier on me and soothing for them.


Like almost everything in my kids' life (and mine too), consistency is key. When all my kids know what comes next, they adapt to it better. When other adults are helping with bedtime routine too they should be able to keep with the routine to help kids feel less anxious about having to go to bed. This doesn't mean it can't change over time, but try to keep your bedtime routine as familiar and consistent as possible.

Quiet Time 

Putting away loud toys and turning off the TV earlier in the evening helps my kids wind down. Switching between a book some nights or a quiet puzzle has made it so my kids get some one-on-one time and they aren't getting over stimulated before I put them to bed. You could even have your kids start stories with their siblings with the Toniebox

I have also found my kids like visualization prompts if they don't feel tired yet. You can get them in bed and say, "imagine you are having a beach day" or "think about building a snowman." They can close their eyes and imagine whatever they would like. It always relaxes my kids. 

Bath Time

In our house a night time bath or shower helps relax my kids, and they almost always need a quick clean after a day of playing hard. Adding soft music on your phone while your in the bathroom is soothing, especially if your kids are still wanting to play and you can ask them to listen to the songs is great. I have found bath salts to be a nice addition. If you do not like to do nightly baths just have your kids do their other hygiene needs. Wipe face, wash hands, and brush teeth! Good hygiene practices start early, so get them used to it and it will become second nature as they grow up. 

Remember we all are a work in progress! Your kids are learning and growing every day, and sometimes their "acting out" means they need you a little more at that time. It's okay if one night you get frustrated if they are needing more from you that night and dragging out bedtime. Take a big deep breath and give them a hug. I like to make sure all of my kids go to bed knowing I love them and that I think they are amazing. You got this mama!!

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