5 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

5 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up & we are SURE you are going to want to check out these FUN & CREATIVE Valentine's Day Date Ideas! Your SWEETIE will be SWOONING over you for DAYS!!!!

Date Night In

You just HAVE TO check out this “Bohemian Valentine’s Day Fort” that we found on Design Sponge! It is COZY, ROMATIC & GEORGEOUS! Grab some take-out, get comfy by the fire (or at least the fire on your iPad) & spend the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Valentine’s Day Night right in the comfort of your own home. This is the Valentines Day Date that will be remembered FOREVER

Murder Mystery Dinner Gala

One of the BEST Valentines Day Date’s I went on was a Murder Mystery Dinner Gala. We went with a few other couples and it was so entertaining and comedic. The food was delicious & fancy. It was an “easy” date since neither of us had to plan anything. Check your local area for a Murder Mystery Dinner Gala.

Restaurant-Style Progressive Dinner

Are you wondering what the heck a “Progressive Dinner” is??? It’s where you eat EACH INDIVIDUAL course at a different location…how fun is that! You can map out where you will have your Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert or just go with the flow and decide where you will go next. If you don’t feel like getting in the car each time…try planning your courses in “walking distance” and go for a stroll in between each place. If you want some tips on planning the perfect progressive dinner, check out

Creative Night Out

Feeling Artsy & Creative? Head to a place like “Color Me Mine” to paint some pottery! If you haven’t been there, it’s a must! You get to pick out the item you want to paint (like a tea cup, plate, animal figurine, etc.) then they “fire” it in their kiln & you get to take it home. Talk, laugh and enjoy your night while creating a beautiful keepsake piece you’ll have forever!

Color Me Mine

 Color Me Mine 2

(Photo Cred: Color Me Mine)

Scavenger Hunt

This one is going to take some planning. But lucky for you, I found a PRINTABLE to make it easier for you from The Dating Divas!

Create a scavenger hunt of your "firsts" - first met, first date, first kiss etc. Or, like The Dating Diva did, create a scavenger hunt at your house for items you will use for your date night (popcorn, drinks, movies etc.). For the last “clue,” direct your partner to the backyard (or, if you live somewhere cold, into the living room) where you can have a fun little picnic with all of your goodies!

Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be waiting in LOOOOONNNG LINES to get into a restaurant with 1,000 other people…it can be FUN & ROMANTIC. Do something NEW & ADVENTUROUS that your partner will remember forever!

Feature Photo Cred: @itscierrajoy

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