5 Of The Best Baby Moccasins From Freshly Picked

5 Of The Best Baby Moccasins From Freshly Picked

You've seen them on your neighbor's baby as well as on celebrity tots in magazines. What makes them so special? Why should you get a pair or two for you little ones? Let me tell you why we love Freshly Picked Moccasins, and what our Top 5 favorite colors are!

Let's first start with a little Freshly Picked background. The founder of this moccasin empire, Susan Petersen, started the venture in 2009 when she couldn't find a baby shoe that stayed on her son's foot. A bag of yard sale scrap leather and lots of experimenting later, she designed a shoe that stays on and is completely adorable. In January of 2014 she appeared on Shark Tank, where she made a deal with an investor that helped her take Freshly Picked to a whole new level!

Freshly Picked Moccasins  

We love our Freshly Picked Moccs and recommend them highly to parents and parents-to-be. They are especially great for little ones taking their first steps. The lightweight, soft-sole style of these moccasins are what pediatricians recommend for new walkers.  It's just an added bonus that they look so cute!

Now for our Top 5 Favorite Moccasin Color Picks:

The Merci

#1 Merci:

The Freshly Picked Merci is as posh as they come. Their light color keeps them looking dainty, while the flashy metallic accents over the entire shoe provide that bit of flair that all of the little fashionistas need.

The Petite Pina Colada

#2 Petite Pina Coloada:

Nothing says summer like a fresh pair of Petite Pina Colada moccs on your babes feet! Freshly Picked recently came out with a teeny, little moccasin perfect for the brand new babe in your life. We recently started carrying these crib moccasins and even our Cubby dads swoon at their tininess. We have them available in Petite Fog, Petite Blue, Petite Piña Colada, Petite Island Sunset, Petite cream with no Sugar, and Petite Ivory. I love the idea of using them for a baby announcement, gender reveal, or for coming home from the hospital!  

The Denim on Denim

#3 Denim on Denim:

In my opinion, if you have a little guy his toes must be dressed in Denim on Denim. The light grey-denim color goes perfectly with any wash or color of jeans in the winter, and look just as adorable with bright summer shorts. Truly, you cannot go wrong with these!  

The Neon Pink

#4 Neon Pink:

Summer and neon were made for each other. Every single time I see a tot with these on I am reminded how adorable they are on little legs. Don't have a need for Neon Pink? Grab a pair of Neon Green!

The Beehive State

#5 Beehive State:

I fell in love with the Beehive State moccs the second I saw them! They are the perfect warm neutral for either gender. Like The Baby Cubby, Freshly Picked was born in Utah. They recently came out with a full Utah collection inspired by our beautiful home state. Beehive State is my favorite but let's be real, they are all beautiful. A few others in the collection are Timp, Granite, Blue Spruce, and Weathered Brown.

Worried about your little tyke dirtying the beautiful mocc? Grab some FP Leather Cleaning Wipes or Suede Cleaning Kit with your moccasin purchase!

Of course, these five moccasin picks are just the beginning of all the available colors and designs. Freshly Picked gets a big two thumbs up from us! Don't settle with just our opinion, get yourself a pair (or three) today so that you can fall in love just like we have.

Check out the rest of the Freshly Picked Products, here at the Baby Cubby!

If you like what you see, then call us today at 1-888-677-5583 to order!

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