5 Things We Adore About Our Breastfeeding Mamas

5 Things We Adore About Our Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding mamas, this week is your week! It's your time to shine and we are so excited to celebrate you! Breastfeeding is something that can be truly difficult for many mothers, but there are many mothers out there who have been able to work through it and feed their baby's the way they want! So, in celebration of WBW I want to share 5 things we LOVE about your breastfeeding mamas!

You Are Literally Feeding Your Child From Your BODY

Has your mind been blown yet by the fact that you are able to do that?! I mean, not only can your body GROW a child, but your body can also FEED that child! It's freaking amazing if you ask me. You have everything you need to take care of that child, which is why you are going to be a great mama!

You Get Crazy Low Amounts of Sleep Yet Can Still Function

For the most part, if you are breastfeeding you are the sole parent taking care of your baby's eating habits. There's no one else that is producing food for your child, and so whenever they're hungry you're the one to take care of it (which, by the way with a newborn is about every 2 hours). And yet, you're somehow still able to do dishes (ok, not for at least a few weeks though ;) ), and other random things around the house! You are truly RAD.

You Can Handle the Pressure

I don't know about you, but when I was breastfeeding I truly felt SO MUCH pressure when it came to feeding my daughter. It was like everything was a weight on my shoulders and was coming down to just me to make sure she was thriving. Well, that's a lot of stress for one person to handle - but especially when you combine it with the lack of sleep part that we just talked about. But you got this, mama. Seriously.

You Look Good Doing It

Ok, let's be honest, I would so much rather be in my sweats any day of the week. That being said, we look crazy hot in sweats. Girl next door style, anyone? You do you, mama. Wear your new motherhood uniform with pride and know that we have all been there, done that, and wish we were still there!

All These Things Add Up to One Thing: You Are Literally a Goddess

It's true! Seriously! I recently read an article about how we are torturing new moms by not giving them the sleep that they need because sleep deprivation is an actual torture technique. Crazy, right? But you are getting through it! You are rocking those sweats, changing those poopy diapers, and loving that babe more than they could ever know. And that is what makes you a Goddess. The fact that you CAN do it all. Just remember that it's ok to ask for help ;)

Well, mamas, that's it! Your 5 thinks we love and admire about you! You are doing the thing. Love those babes of yours because they don't stick around for too long. Remember that they love you more than anything and that there are little moments you will live for and other moments where you want to go and hide in a closet with a blanket up over your head. It's ALL ok, and you're doing a fantastic job. Don't ever forget that.

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