5 Tips to Let Your Partner Know They Matter

5 Tips to Let Your Partner Know They Matter

Often times we forget to thank the person we love the most. That person often gets dumped on by the stressful day at work or frustrations we are having with family or friends. It’s easy to forget to recognize the small things they do for us everyday, and even easier to spot annoyances. Today we are going to share 5 TIPS To Let Your Partner Know They Matter.

1. Say “Thank You”:

Seems simple enough…right??? But it’s SO easy to forget to say those 2 simple words, especially when it comes to things that need to be done everyday…like taking out the trash or putting dirty laundry in the hamper. I hear so many times, “if they don’t notice I’m trying, then why do it," so positive reinforcement is always a good idea. Instead of thinking, "well they should be doing that anyways & SHOULD do it with out asking, so then why should I have to thank them?" try saying “Thank You” which acknowledges that you are happy they took the trash out! Chances are they will do it more often…hopefully with out being asked.

2. Focus On The Positive:

AHHH! This one is so hard…our human minds see annoyances fast! I saw a saying the other day: ”The grass is greener only where you water it." Obviously every relationship is different, but every relationship requires work. Part of that “work” is to focus on the positive rather then the negative. I love that my man is HANDY & creates amazing custom projects for me! 

3. Be The Person You Want To Be With:

If you want to be with someone who is kind, happy, thoughtful, smart, forgiving, active…focusing on yourself & making sure you are working on those SAME qualities. It wouldn’t exactly be fair if we expected someone to have all of those qualities, but we don’t have them ourselves.

4. Give A Gift For No Reason:

Surprises are the best…I’m I right!?! I mean who doesn’t want a surprise. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy…but showing up with a little gift shows someone you were thinking about them.

One gift my husband gave that I will always remember was Gold Shimmer Nail Polish. We were at the hospital checking my son in, I was chatting with the lady who was admitting him & I commented on her nail polish and how I loved it. She happened to have the bottle & told me the “name” of the color & where she bought it. A week later my husband came home from work with that EXACT nail polish. I was shocked and surprised that #1. He remembered I wanted it and #2. He was LISTENING! So, it wasn’t about what he gave me…it showed me that he listens to me & thinks about me.

5. Put The PHONE DOWN!

I’m Guilty!!! Making eye contact & having a conversation with your partner is SUPER IMPORTANT. Take time out of the day…even if it’s just during dinner to have a conversation with out ANY phones, electronics etc. It might be hard during dinner with kiddos…but they also need to see that one-on-one communication happen. Kids learn by example. And putting our partner first before other things is also important.
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