5 Ways to Make Your Family Photoshoot a Success

5 Ways to Make Your Family Photoshoot a Success

Does anyone else have a mini panic attack the night before a photoshoot? I know I sure do! Taking family pictures is just one big circus sometimes; crying, breastfeeding babies, grumpy toddlers who just want to run around, and husbands who just don't get the point of going out to get fancy pictures taken. Well, today I have 5 ways to make your next picture-taking extravaganza a success, and hopefully minimize that panic attack.

1. Wardrobe: Where to Start?

Be flexible! Choose a color scheme that has earthy tones and colors that are easy to find! Your future decorating choices will thank you since the family photo won't clash with them, and you will easily be able to find clothing items within those types of color schemes! Be open to members wearing a different shade of the same color - for example, perhaps you want all of your girls in purple. But, your infant could be wearing a very purply purple and your older daughter may opt for more of a dusky purple. Not only does it provide contrast and interest for the image, but it also allows you more wiggle room when clothes shopping!
Boy in shorts and shirt        

2. Rest up!

There is absolutely nothing worse than grumpy babies and toddlers, but if you and your significant other are grumpy too, then it's just going to end up in a hot mess! So, plan a nice crock pot meal so that dinner is easy, maybe have a little treat and play a game with the family, and then go to bed on time so that you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

3. Eat Before and Please Bring Some Snacks!

Empty tummies are never a good idea for perfect pictures, so make sure you eat a good meal beforehand and then get a variety of snacks! Keep in mind that you won't want anything that will stain their clothes while you're there (so probably stray away from strawberries or chocolate items, and steer more towards crackers and cheese). Definitely take some treats for the end to entice your kiddos when they begin to get restless (because they will). This will be a great little bribe for them as you finish up!

4. Plan Ahead So You Can Arrive Early

Arriving early will keep monster mom at bay and everyone less stressed. Keep your schedule clear so that you have plenty of time to get clothing cleaned, ironed, and on the children, as well as hair done for them AND for you!! No mom ever likes it when her children look perfect but she didn't get to spend the time she wanted on herself. In fact, you probably just want to start with yourself!

5. Naturally Fun Photos Are the Best Photos!

When you are yourself in a photo, you will love it all the more! Don't be too stressed about poses or faces. Start making some jokes, tickle each other, and get those candid moments on film to treasure forever!


Enjoy the experience and you'll have a perfect picture for years to come!

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