6 Gender Reveals You'll Love

6 Gender Reveals You'll Love

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Nestled in between the early weeks of nausea and the late weeks of feeling large and uncomfortable comes the exciting time of the gender reveal! Most women are able to find out the gender of their baby around 16-20 weeks gestation. After that comes the creativity of what to do with that information (or the envelope containing the information) to announce what the bouncing baby will be! Gender reveals come in all different varieties. Sometimes mom and dad know and they’re revealing to friends and family, or one spouse knows and is telling the other, or the ever-more popular option of everyone finding out at the same time; and then of course, there’s the old-fashioned way of waiting to find out the gender until the baby arrives! Here are a few of our favorite gender reveals we’ve seen:

The Ever-Popular Cake Reveal

Put some pink or blue in the middle of a cake or some cupcakes, like these ones from Ideas Baby Room, and the surprise is revealed when it’s cut into or a bite is taken!

The Picture Perfect Pinata 

Whether it’s an actual piñata or a homemade box like the author of BlogLovin's sister used stuffed with one color or the other, this is such a fun way to find out the gender! This method is particularly great if older siblings are involved; what child doesn’t love a container filled with treats, streamers, and balloons? 

Seasonal Announcements

A pink stocking, a blue pumpkin, a one-colored firework display, or confetti filled Easter Eggs. Different seasons or holiday gender announcements are a fun way to mix it up and get creative with the decorations and environment around you!         


Adorable Little Baby Shoes

I’m a sucker for baby shoes. A single pair, or a pair for the entire family makes for an adorable gender announcement.

Shirt Paint

Get everyone involved with this idea or just stick with mom’s belly. Either way, this could get real messy real fast!                                                    

Scratch Cards 

This is the perfect option for multiple people to find out at once! Have some scratch cards made that reveal the baby’s gender underneath! 

The Good Ol' Fashioned Way 

Just because you CAN find out the gender while pregnant, doesn’t mean you HAVE to! Personally, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wait with my babies, but it sure is exciting when others do! Introducing the gender with the actual BABY makes for a fun surprise and an even better arrival announcement

No matter how the gender is revealed this is definitely one of the most exciting times in pregnancy. Did you see your favorite gender reveal on this list? If not, please share with us, we'd love to hear!

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