6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Nursery

6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Nursery

Nesting is a real part of pregnancy. It kind of sounds made-up but then all of a sudden it's 3am and you are scrubbing baseboards and ya, nesting is REAL.  Part of that mother-to-be rush is planning a nursery or special space for your little one. I remember such a feeling of urgency to have the nursery finished in the last few weeks of pregnancy and then getting butterflies every time I would walk by, just waiting to bring the little bundle home to it. There are SO many different styles of nurseries and you just need to create what makes you happy. So today I have some tips for planning your nursery!

1. Find one item that you love.

A quilt or blanket, a pattern of wallpaper, a rug, or a picture and pull colors and inspiration from that. I fell in love with a Hudson Bay baby blanket when I was pregnant with number two and it was my inspiration when planning my nursery.  

2. Add personal touches. 

You may have found pictures of nurseries you love on Pinterest, but instead of recreating it exactly, take the general inspiration and then add your own personal touches. I loved putting saved stuffed animals that I used when I was a baby in my son's nursery or displaying the first pair of little baby shoes we bought after we found out we were pregnant. Pictures of you or older siblings will make it more personal and add familiar faces to the space. 

3. Make it a room they can grow into.

Try to think of how you could easily tweak little things so it could grow with your baby into a toddler room. Like removable wall decals, changing out artwork or baby bedding, replacing the mobile with a garland or bunting. Timeless classic furniture pieces might be something you could consider investing in so they can be used for years.


For some reason, babies have a lot of stuff! Make sure you include functional storage that can add a decor element as well.  Storage does not have to be boring and can even add a focal point or texture to the room.

5. Not too matchy-matchy.

Just because you have chosen your colors to be cream and blue doesn't mean everything in the room needs to be cream and blue. My favorite spaces have pops of different colors and contrasting art or pictures. Don't be afraid to mix and match from bed sets or cover one wall in a fun wallpaper (so IN right now) You can also mix in non-baby furniture, rugs and decor to make it more your style and to mesh with the rest of your home. 

6. Make it a room you are comfortable in.

You will be spending a lot of time in that room so make sure it is cozy and a space you enjoy being in. I recommend having a comfortable rocker or glider because you will spend many many hours rocking and feeding the baby in that chair. If it is hardwood floor, pick out a cute, soft rug like a Lorena Canal rug to cozy things up (huge bonus that it's washable!).  Add art, pictures and sayings that mean something to you and remind you to be happy! Do a DIY project to make something that means that much more because your own hands made it.

Just remember that it should be a room that is your style and is special to YOU. It doesn't matter if it is magazine worthy or trendy, it just needs to be a room that can be a happy retreat for you and your sweet baby. Happy nesting mamas!

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