A "How To" Guide: Caring for your Baby Cubby Clothing

A "How To" Guide: Caring for your Baby Cubby Clothing

Do you ever get ultra frustrated looking inside something that you've bought to find the washing/drying/laundry instructions, and just giving up because you don't understand the little symbols? Ugh.

Wouldn't it just be easier if you had a list of all your fave brands that you can go to to see how you're supposed to care for certain clothing items?

Well, I thought so too! At The Baby Cubby we carry a lot of incredible brands, but that can make finding out how to care for all your little's clothes a little more difficult.

So I decided to put together a little list of all the brands we carry at The Baby Cubby so that you'll have a go-to, easy-to-find list for all your washing/clothing care questions!

We'll leave caring for all of our accessories for another guide, but let us know if you like this clothing guide, and we'd be happy to make one for our other gear like bags, strollers, mats, or car seats!


Our durable clothing can be washed, dried, and worn over and over.

Burt's Bees

  1. Machine wash warm
  2. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
  3. Wash with similar colors
  4. Tumble dry low, except on sweaters which should be dried flat
  5. Gentle cycle

Elegant Baby

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Fin and Vince

  1. Linen Wash & Care
    1. Machine wash on low or delicate.
    2. Carefully remove any excess water, avoiding any wringing or twisting.
    3. Lay the product flat, pull fabric to hang dry.
  2. Alpaca Wash & Care
    1. Dry clean or hand wash only.
    2. Alpaca knits should be hand washed only in cold water using a gentle detergent.
    3. Do not use chlorine bleach.
    4. Carefully remove any excess water, avoiding any wringing or twisting.
    5. Lay the product flat, reshape to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally. Do NOT dry.
    6. Make sure that the item is fully dry before storing.
  3. Cotton Wash & Care
    1. Machine wash on low or delicate.
    2. Pima cottons and knit cottons may be machine washed and dried, but we recommend line drying to prevent shrinkage.
    3. Gentle cycle/low temperature is recommended.

Honey Babe

Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Low tumble or air dry. Avoid fabric softener.

Jamie Kay

  1. Organic Cotton: Our organic cotton is crafted from the softest, most beautiful fibers in the world. This range is designed to keep your little one snug while allowing their skin to breathe.
    1. WASH INSTRUCTIONS:While our organic cotton is incredibly durable, to prolong the life of our garments, we recommend a gentle machine wash and line dry in the shade - there is nothing like air dried organic cotton!
  2. Cotton Muslin: Our cotton muslin range is soft & delicate. Perfect for those warm summer afternoons and layered winter mornings.
    1. WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, we recommend a gentle hand wash (or gentle machine wash in a laundry bag) and line dry in the shade only.
  3. Cotton Rib Essentials: Everyday rib essentials - the ideal base layers!
    1. WASH INSTRUCTIONS: To prolong the life of our rib essentials range, we recommend a gentle machine wash and line dry in the shade.
  4. Cotton Knitwear: Our range is crafted from 100% cotton to see your child through all seasons.
    1. WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Gentle hand wash (or machine wash on cold) and line dry in the shade only. Due to the nature of the materials, we recommend washing and line drying within the same day.

KicKee Pants

We recommend to machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low or delicate cycle.
Our fabric is quite delicate and should not be washed or dried with items with zippers or Velcro. We also recommend washing the garment inside out to preserve the print or prevent pilling. Many KicKee lovers use Woolite, Dreft or Free & Clear to wash and use hang/flat drying techniques.

Kortni Jeane

  1. Hand wash your swimsuit -- If you remember anything, remember this one. Swimwear fabric is sensitive and putting it in the washer and dryer ruins it. Instead of throwing it in a machine, simply rinse it off before or after you shower in the sink or the tub.
  2. Use a mild detergent/soap bar to clean -- Never use bleach or harsh detergents on your swimwear. Swimwear is sensitive and doesn’t need a deep clean.
  3. Wash separately from other items to avoid bleeding or discoloration -- don’t wash your white swimmer with your red sweatshirt. Just don’t.
  4. Always hang dry -- the dryer is your swimmers' worst enemy. We would not recommend you hang your swimsuit to dry in the sun, because it will cause your swimmer to fade. Instead, hang it up in your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere not immediately in the sunlight.
  5. Rinse out your swimmer with clean water after each wear -- simply washing it out in the sink will do.
  6. Remove bra pads after washing so they dry in the correct form -- Nobody needs misshapen bra pads and odd dents where they shouldn’t be. After your swimsuit dries, re-insert the brad pads for a good as new look.
  7. Cut off loose threads with scissors -- Never pull at strings or you may cause unraveling and ruin your swimsuit.
  8. Always rinse in cold water -- Hot water will dissolve the fibers in your swimmer more quickly, wear it down, and turn white/light colors yellow. So, try to avoid too many dips in the hot tub and hot springs. Instead, use an older swimmer for these adventures and save your new swimsuit for fresh water, pools, or the beach.


Machine wash warm with like colors, no bleach. Tumble dry low, and remove promptly. Warm iron if necessary. If you are worried about shrinkage, lay flat or hang to dry.

Lulu and Roo

Materials include 57% polyester, 43% cotton premium medium-weight french terry and or rib knit. Material is not pre-shrunk so please allow up to 10% shrinkage if machine dried.

Our clothing is cut to allow for shrinking, we recommend cold water inside out and tumble dry on low heat or laying flat to dry to avoid excess pilling or shrinkage. Minimal pilling is typical for terry fabric. To avoid excess pilling, please avoid washing with jeans, towels or any items of rough nature.


Organic baby cotton clothes require delicate washing.

Hand washing: Washing baby clothes by hands is the best way to keep the cotton soft.

  1. Always separate baby clothes from other laundries at home. 
  2. Avoid twisting or rubbing too hard as it may shrink or deform the garment. 
  3. Gentle motions like swishing are ok. Make sure to wash thoroughly so that no soap is left.

Stains: Soak them in cold water immediately before any washing takes place.

Machine Wash

  1. Machine wash on “gentle cycle” and use cold water, or water below 30° with environmentally-friendly laundry detergent
  2. Avoid putting clothes with other clothes that contain zippers, plastic pieces, or velcro as it is quite abrasive to any type of clothing and will encourage “pilling” on delicate cotton fabric.
  3. Line or tumble dry on low
  4. Sunning baby clothes is most ideal as it kills bacteria and naturally helps bleach stains.
  5. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Modern Burlap

We suggest washing on cold with like colors and drying in the delicate mode for most of our items. Many of us here at the barn treat them as the rest of our regular items. 

Nesting Olive

Wash on cold and line dry. For oil stains, spot treat and soak in dawn dish soap.

Orcas Lucille

Wash before wearing. Wash warm on gentle with like colors. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Iron if needed.

Parade Organics

We recommend you wash cold and tumble dry low for best results and the least shrinkage. Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals during finishing to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Organic cotton is not treated, so in high heat, it is possible for the cotton to shrink more. Shrinkage is worse for the lengths of the garments and is less noticeable for widths.
Do not use bleach or harsh detergents on natural, organic cotton - it will cause fading and weakening of the fibers.

Eco-friendly dyes are just as long lasting as the harmful dyes used on conventional products. However, they will fade if powerful detergents or bleaching agents are used.

Because there are no chemical color fixatives used in our clothing,  please do not mix dark colors with light ones for the first few washes. For the first wash, if you add ¼ cup of vinegar to the final rinse, this will help to set the color and resist fading or bleeding.
Tip! When washing prints, you can turn them inside out during the first few washes to help lock in the color.

Petite Coo

We recommend gently removing any dirt etc. by blotting with a damp cloth. Hand washing in cold water will increase the life of your knits. Only use a small amount of liquid soap (baby shampoo or fine fibers formula). Do not use hot water or even different temperature of water as this will "shock" the fibers causing them to mat together. After washing, sandwich your knit between 2 towels and flatten water out. Lay flat to dry. If needed, air tumble on the no heat setting to fluff.

Rags to Raches

We love the cozy hand-feel, breathability, and the low maintenance nature of cotton. We believe this is the best fiber choice for our littles. Please note that due to the nature of cotton, some shrinkage may occur.

We strongly suggest washing RAGS items in cold water and tumble dry on low, or hang to dry. For best results, do not wash together with abrasive items, such as jeans or zippered items. 

**Do not use stain removers containing peroxide as it can cause garment discoloration.**

Tea Collection

We always recommend following the washing instructions on the label of the Tea garment. Many of our clothes are 100% cotton, which we suggest washing in cold water with a low tumble dry setting. All of our clothes are pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Please note:
We advise against using any detergents or stain removers that contain Oxiclean. The active agent in Oxiclean (Sodium Percarbonate) interacts with textiles, acting like a bleaching agent by removing dye. Time, sun exposure and heat will further exacerbate the bleaching effect.

Getting annoyed because you ruined clothes because you didn't check the washing instructions is not the vibe for us this summer. Reference this list when you need to know how to care for any of the clothing you picked up from The Baby Cubby to keep the best of everything you have for your baby better for longer!

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