Adorable Easter Egg Holders

Adorable Easter Egg Holders

Easter is such a fun time of year because it is the unofficial usher to all things spring-- flowers, pastels, cute little animals, and sun dresses! Not to mention Cadbury eggs, because, I mean, that's just a given. 

So with Easter right around the corner, we've put together the cutest little craft to go along with the quintessential Easter activity: dying eggs. This sweet little craft is the perfect thing to add to your dying party to place those gorgeous, bright eggs in to dry! Use an Easter Egg Holder Printable, from The Baby Cubby, print it out on a sturdy cardstock, and get out the water color palette, colored pencils or markers, and let your little one's creativity do the rest! You have 6 cute egg holders that you can cut out, tape in a loop, and it will hold up those dyed creations, and are a much cuter display than an old egg carton! It can be hard sometimes to include our little kids in certain crafts that our bigger kids are excited to try. You are not alone if you're worried about your tots ingesting an unsafe amount of vinegar and food coloring. Let alone, getting the dye off their pudgy little hands in time for Easter service. Well, if you have little babes who are too small to dye eggs, but still want to be part of the fun, this craft is the perfect solution! Sometimes the simplest things are the best things, and this craft will let your babes enjoy creating something fun and special, with no extra effort on your part! #mamawin

So if you're looking for something fun to do with your kids, or something to add to your annual traditions of egg dyeing, try this craft out and enjoy ringing in the start of the spring season!

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