Adventure Mom: Choosing A Carrier For Your Toddler

Adventure Mom: Choosing A Carrier For Your Toddler

Recently, my 3-year-old and I hit the trails with our handy pack that he's ridden in since he was 6 months old. About a half mile in, he started complaining of a sore bum and cramped legs. Since he is still 10 lbs under the suggested weight limit, I was surprised at his discomfort. After taking him out of the pack and double checking all the adjustments, I sadly came to the conclusion that he has officially outgrown our beloved pack. I returned home and started doing some digging; surely there are other toddler wearing parents out there that can't live without a trusted pack or other type of carrier! As an adventurous mom, I just can't imagine my life without one! Here are some great toddler-friendly carriers and packs I found in my research.

Ergo Baby Original Collection Baby Carrier

The Ergo Baby Original is an extremely popular carrier, and features an award-winning design. With three different carry options, it easily fits front-wearing newborns to rear-wearing toddlers up to 45 lbs. It also features a range of adjustments to fit most body types. The shoulder strap length ranges from 24”-44”, and the waist belt circumference ranges from 26”-55”. The soft, breathable fabric gives support, but does not restrict your child from moving or finding a comfortable position. The Ergo Baby Original also lends space to store loads of snacks, toys or other must have items in its large, zippered pouch.

CarryOn Air Flow Toddler Carrier

Designed especially for toddlers sized 2t and up, the CarryOn Air Flow Toddler Carrier is practical for parents who may need a carrier for toddlers or larger children. It is made from machine-washable 3D mesh and soft, 100% cotton. The extra-tall torso and seat width gives larger children a comfortable place to ride, with the extra support they need. It can be positioned for front, back and hip carry with the three-way adjustable straps. For adventurous parents wanting to continue "baby" wearing, the CarryOn Air Flow Toddler Carrier is a fantastic choice!

Deuter Kid Comfort III 18L Carrier

For longer periods of exploration on your adventures, you may want to invest in a heavy-duty, aluminum frame pack that can stand up to mother nature, and provide the ultimate amount of comfort for you and your little one. The Deuter Kid Comfort III features an adjustable 5-point child safety harness, a height-adjustable seat and a plush-face cushion--should your child fall asleep in the carrier. It has a 40 lb child weight limit, but can hold an additional 8 lbs of gear. This kind of pack is excellent for extended hiking, camping, or backpacking trips because it offers more room for your child to move around, and it provides more storage for essential items.

Baby wearing makes adventuring much easier (and a lot more fun if you ask me)! It is crucial that you and your toddler are comfortable with your choice of carrier or pack. If the pack doesn't fit one of you properly, adventures can turn into a total nightmare. The Baby Cubby has many different carrier and sling options in store and on their website! For more info on toddler "baby" wearing, check out this blog post. As always, our Cubby Moms are online and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding baby wearing, carriers, and anything else baby related!

Featured Image PC: Michael Podger Written by Lindsay Helm
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