Adventure Mom: Easy Snacks For On The Go Adventures

Adventure Mom: Easy Snacks For On The Go Adventures

Maintaining your healthy habits should be top priority while you're out adventuring! Not only do you want to curb those hunger pains with healthy snacks, but you want your snack options to be convenient and EASY! I personally love snacks that can be thrown straight from the cupboard and into my pack. Not all snacks, however, are worthy of your adventures. You want to make sure that whatever you are eating is going to adequately fuel your body for what you are asking of it. Be sure to pack a variety of different options to satiate cravings that could very well be your body telling you what it needs.

For example, your body needs sodium. Despite what that health magazine told you, without sodium your heart would fail to beat. In fact, some hikers and adventurers commonly suffer from a condition called Hyponatremia which occurs when sodium levels in the blood drop severely.  Hyponatremia is a serious condition and can cause symptoms of fatigue, headaches, vomiting and even seizures. You can combat this, and other nutrition related symptoms, by eating balanced snacks like trail mix made with salted nuts; or for those of you with nut allergies, choose salted pretzels!

-Pretzels Buy your pretzels in bulk and divide them into portion appropriate baggies making it easier to grab and go! This is also a life saver for the everyday hustle and bustle! -Cheese Sticks (eat the first day only, unless you bring a cooler) -Pre-Made Trail Mix (or DIY it if you have time) -Salami Panino My personal new favorite snack! You will want to eat this within the first few hours after refrigeration because it is basically a glorified cheese stick. A Salami Panino is a pre-packaged mozzarella cheese stick wrapped in salami! So yummy and packed with protein! -Apples, Oranges Or Other Easy-to-Eat Fruit -Baby Carrots, Mini Sweet Bell Peppers or Other Easy-to-Eat Vegetables -Peanut Butter To-Go Packs For those of you who love to eat peanut butter off the spoon, these pre-portioned peanut butter packs will be like a well deserved treat in the back country! -Sargento Balanced Breaks The name says it all! With a balanced mixture of nuts, dried fruit and cheese, these balanced snacks will give your body exactly what it needs with convenient, on-the-go portion sizing. -Granola Bars Try to find granola bars with plenty of nuts to help you stay full longer and also give your body some much needed protein! -Jerky Jerky is great because it is pure protein. It keeps your muscles fueled, and also gives you just enough sodium to keep your blood levels adequate. -Dried Fruit -Nuts Buy some nuts in bulk and sort them out into little baggies to provide a protein plentiful and easy snack!

Often, you will hear of hikers eating things like ramen noodles because it is convenient, easy to eat and lightweight. Foods like cup of noodles, or ramen have zero nutritional value, however. Stick to foods with an abundance of nutrition that will provide enough calories to replenish your body. Remember to always dispose of your wrappers and all other packaging appropriately. Follow the 7 Leave No Trace Principles and always pack it out!

Featured Header Image PC: Ashim D'Silva Written by Lindsay Helm
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