Adventure Mom: Making Time For Outdoor Fun

Adventure Mom: Making Time For Outdoor Fun

Now that the sunshine is finally sharing its warm, beautiful rays with us, it's time to 'blow the stink off' and get outside! The Earth is blooming and ready to show off, which is the perfect time to hit the trails! With summer right around the corner, however, you could be feeling stressed that your summer is already booked up with little to no family adventure time. Here are a few easy steps to pencil in some time for outdoor fun!

  1. It's Okay To Say No: You don't have to attend every single birthday party. You don't have to sign your kids up for two sports and a summer camp, EACH. If it feels like your busy schedule is getting in the way of some "good old fashioned family fun" then it probably is! Be honest with yourself and take a few activities off your agenda. While sports and summer camps are great, making time to be together as a family is also wonderful! Prioritize your activities and decide to let a few go.
  2. Make A Big Family Calendar: Write every activity, function and meeting down on your family calendar for everyone to see, then make it visible to everyone in your household. This is also a great way to tell if you are actually overbooking yourself. Once you've laid out all the important activities for the summer, have a family meeting to plan a weekend or two to be filled with adventure! Have an open discussion about what everyone wants to do. Get everyone excited! Decide together what you envision for your family adventure.
  3. Book It: Narrow your weekend adventures down to a specific area and then book your campsite or rental; make sure you have the proper permits for what you will be doing. Booking your sleep spot and/or permits will hold you to your commitment of going on that family adventure! To do more planning, read my other blog post.
  4. Put It On The Calendar: Make outdoor family time a priority. In big, red pen make your commitment permanent on the family calendar. If someone asks you to fulfill an obligation that weekend, just let them know you will be out of the area with your family! It's already booked AND on the calendar, no backing out now!

The most successful outdoor fun is had when everyone is involved. Whether you have small children or adolescents, plenty of adventure is out there everyone of all ages to enjoy. Choose a realistic location that you and your family can access easily. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there and back; no one likes to rush! With that in mind, plan your attitude. Everything might not go according to plan, but remember, this is an adventure! Have fun!

Featured Header Image: Ales Krivec Written by Lindsay Helm
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