Adventuring with Veer

Adventuring with Veer!

When I was a kid, our family didn't travel or camp much during the summer. My dad was a farmer, so he was busiest in the months we had off from school. However, the few times I did get to go camping made me appreciate and love all the beauty this world has to offer. Whether you love long camping trips, fun days at the beach, or short hikes near your home, Veer is ready to take you and your family on an adventure! With incredible products for any outdoor experience, you will be able to create lifelong memories with your kids all summer long. 

Veer Cruiser

The Veer Cruiser is truly an adventurer's best friend! This wagon/stroller combo has thick, front suspension wheels with a sturdy aircraft grade aluminum frame, allowing you to glide across any terrain you face. The Cruiser also transitions from wagon to stroller, with collapsible walls that effortlessly fold flat for easy storage. 

Veer Cruiser

Veer Cruiser

Veer Cruiser Accessories

As if the Veer Cruiser wasn't perfect enough as is, Veer has designed incredible accessories which allow users to customize it to fit their needs. Here are some of our favorite Veer accessories!

  • Veer Cruiser Retractable Canopy: Easily snap on a retractable canopy or two to each side of your Veer to provide your kids with full coverage and protection from harsh sun rays. Plus, the peek-a-boo windows allow parents to peek in to check in on little ones.

  • Veer Cruiser Napper: This napper attaches to the inside of your cruiser, allowing you to transform it into a JPMA safety-certified bassinet! This is perfect for rolling into your tent, providing your little one with a safe and cozy sleep spot. This napper includes a soft mattress pad and bug shield, and folds compactly into a storage bag.

  • Cruiser Travel Bag: The Veer Travel Bag is the perfect way to keep your Cruiser safe and protected when not in use. With padding and durable material, your Cruiser is held together in one nice package, protected from damage that can occur (especially during airline travel).

  • Veer Cruiser Comfort Seat for Toddlers: My daughter is all about comfort. Even on our cushioned kitchen chairs, she still requires additional padding under her bottom. With the Cruiser Comfort Seat, you can provide your kiddos with an ultra-plush spot to relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Veer Cruiser Foldable Storage Basket: I'm obsessed with organization. This foldable storage basket easily attaches to the back of the cruiser, giving you more space to store your items. My kids also hate having stuff in their wagon with them, so having an extra storage space allows me to keep their items close by without them being thrown overboard.

  • Browse our other Veer Cruiser accessories, such as cupholders, car seat adapters, and more here!
Veer Cruiser Retractable Storage Basket
Veer Cruiser Foldable Storage Basket

    Veer Tents

    Tents are the perfect gear item for all your summer plans! Whether you're camping, hanging out at the beach, or going to your kid's baseball game, make sure to pack a Veer tent! 

    • Veer Basecamp Tent: The Veer Basecamp tent is perfect for your littles! Not only is it easy to set up, take down, and store, but the mesh siding and water resistant material keeps your kiddos protected from bugs and moisture. The sun and rain cover can also be removed for extra airflow, or easily attached if your kiddos need some shade!

    Veer Basecamp Tent

    Veer Basecamp Tent

    • Veer Family Basecamp Tent: If you need something bigger, the Veer Family Basecamp tent is the perfect size for everyone! Most of us will be out in the sun a lot this summer! The white coloration and UVS50 coated walls keep your whole family protected from harsh sunlight, while the high-quality mesh walls allow adequate airflow. Perfect for summer events where you will be outside all day, the family basecamp tent will give your kids (or yourself) a place to retreat or relax throughout the day. It also comes in a handy storage bag that connects to your Veer Cruiser!

    Veer Basecamp Family Tent

    Veer Family Basecamp Tent

    • Tent Accessories

      • Veer Sand Mat: I love beach days--whether it's hanging out near the ocean or near a lake. If you have sandy days in your future, this sand mat fits perfectly underneath the family basecamp tent, giving you a sand free surface to sit and enjoy a picnic or play some cards together as a family! This mat can also be used without the tent, becoming the perfect water-resistant and sand-filtering mat for all your summer activities.

      • Veer Air Pad Cushion: This self-inflating pad is the perfect addition to your kid's basecamp tent. The soft foam-filled pad fits under the tent and extends out the front, providing their knees with a soft cushion as they crawl into and out of their little oasis!

    Veer Switchback

    Truly one of the most innovative new products of 2022 is the Veer Switchback. This product fills an array of needs for parents, whether it's a stroller, jogger, bike seat, booster seat, or children's camp chair! Why buy 5 separate baby items when you can buy one product that can be customized to fit your needs? In the long run, this not only saves you tons of space but money as well.

    Veer Switchback

    Veer Switchback Accessories

    • Veer &Roll Stroller Frame for Switchback: This stroller frame has the same durable, all-terrain wheels as the classic Veer Cruiser! This frame not only is compatible with infant car seats with adapters, but you can attach the Veer bassinet as well as a second seat, transforming this stroller into a double modular stroller. 

    • Veer &Jog Jogging Frame for Switchback: If you love a good run with your kiddos, be sure to check out the Switchbacker jogger frame! With thick, sturdy suspension wheels, rear shocks, a moisture resistant handlebar, a reversible seat, and so much more, this jogger is one of the most unique and incredible joggers you can buy!

    • Veer &Chill Camp Chair Legs for Switchback: If you've been camping with your kids, you probably know what a pain it is to find a place for them to comfortably sit. Simply grab your Switchback seat and attach it to the camp chair legs for a cozy and safe place for your baby to sit! 

    • Veer &Bike Bike Mount & Rack for Switchback: Bike rides are a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some time together as a family in the summer. But doing so with a baby or toddler that can't ride a bike yet can be difficult. With the Veer Bike Mount, you can click your Switchback seat right onto the back of your bicycle, providing an ultra-safe space for your kiddo to sit. It also keeps your baby close-by and gives them a nice position to be able to observe and watch the world around them. New to riding bikes with little ones? Be sure to read up on toddler and baby bike seat safety here!

    • Browse all our Veer Switchback accessories, such as infant inserts, weather covers, snack trays, infant adapters, and more here!

    Veer &Bike Bike Mount & Rack for Switchback

    Veer &Bike Bike Mount & Rack for Switchback

    Veer Tote Bag

    I love a good tote bag. My kids always bring too much stuff with them, then require me to carry it when they get tired. The Veer Tote offers ample space for storing your kiddos water bottles, snacks, beach gear, and more. This bag also fits perfectly into the Veer Wagon, allowing you to organize and easily store your items. Made with a sturdy, waterproof material, this tote is sure to last you a long time. Plus, it's machine-washable! Perfect for all the inevitable messes we encounter as parents!

    Veer Tote Bag

    Veer Tote Bag

    Veer Adventure Blanket

    And last but not least, the Veer Adventure Blanket. My family knows how obsessed I am with blankets; it's my guilty pleasure to purchase them. This Veer blanket is no exception. This puffy, quilted blanket is perfect for outdoor adventures, keeping parents and kiddos snuggly and warm when it gets chilly out. This blanket was designed to be wind-resistant, water-proof and lightweight, making it the perfect travel blanket. It's also ideal for windy mornings at your kid's sports games, or in the chilly evening around the campfire. The Veer adventure blanket also comes in sizes for children and adults!

    Veer Adventure Blanket

    Veer Adventure Blanket

    I have been beyond impressed with all Veer has to offer. This incredible company truly thinks of everything when designing new gear, and it's evident through their multifunctional and customizable products that they have parents' (and our kiddos' comfort) in mind! 

    To shop our whole Veer Collection, come visit us in store or browse online at!


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