Making Special Memories with Anna Bouché Baby Blessing and Baptism Outfits!

Anna Bouché: Timeless Outfits for Baby Blessings, Christenings, and Baptisms

Those first few months with our little babies are precious beyond belief. Although the sleepless nights are difficult, there are moments when I wish I could go back to when my kids were so small and delicate and just hold them a little longer. But since I can't, I cherish the photos and keepsakes that serve as gentle reminders to me of every moment I have had with them. And my absolute favorite keepsakes? My children's baby blessing outfits. From my daughter's tiny lace gown to my son's white romper, these pieces will forever hold a special place in my heart, reminding me not only of the beautiful blessings their dad gave them, but of the feelings I had holding those sweet newborns in my arms.

Unfortunately, finding outfits for those special occasions can feel impossible. Not only is it difficult to find stores that even carry special occasion clothing, but when I did, it felt like all they had were outdated, tacky, or over the top pieces. This was especially the case when looking for something for my son to wear. I just wanted something simple and timeless for my babies. If I had only known about Anna Bouché at The Baby Cubby, I wouldn't have been so stressed to find the perfect pieces, as every single one of her designs are classic and beautiful!

About Anna Bouché

Anna Bouché is an amazing brand created and run by Annette Higbee. Annette has had a love for design since she received her first sewing machine when she was only eight years old. Since then, she has sewn countless dresses, hand-selecting only the best fabrics, lace, and details for her pieces.

Annette began Anna Bouché when H.L. Rockinghorse of Boston picked her to create and design her very own fashion label. Her incredible attention to detail and formal design education has brought us what we see today from the incredible brand, with beautiful dresses and clothing, most of which are perfect for special occasions and religious ceremonies like baby blessings, infant christenings, and baptisms.

Having raised nine children of her own, her heart is with creating beautiful pieces for future generations of children. And her sewing techniques and high-quality materials ensure these beautiful pieces can be shared and loved years and years from now.

For Little Girls

When it comes to gowns for little girls, Annette is the master! Her styles are timeless, soft and beautiful from top to bottom. And with dozens of designs from which you can pick, from classic lace to modern and simplistic, there's truly something for everyone. 

Here are a few of my favorite designs from the Anna Bouché special occasion collection, available at The Baby Cubby!


The Phoebe blessing gown features two rows of scalloped detailing on the hem, and a subtle floral pattern throughout the rest of the gown. The gorgeous fabric used adds texture and depth to this timeless design.

Anna Bouche Phoebe Dress

Anna Bouché Phoebe Blessing Gown


The Brea gown is my personal favorite. With eyelet detailing throughout the entire gown, the Brea is both whimsical and traditional. The scalloped detailing along the top is mirrored in the bottom of the gown, creating a piece that feels complete from top to bottom.

Anna Bouche Brea Blessing Gown

Anna Bouché Brea Gown


You can never go wrong with a classic lace gown. The Cordelia features beautiful floral lace, a pure white lining, and a detailed belt across the bodice. The sleeves also feature the same lace used in the rest of the dress, but are unlined as to showcase more of the detailing!

Anna Bouche Cordelia

Anna Bouché Cordelia Gown


Although most of the Anna Bouché blessing and christening gowns are long, they offer several beautiful choices for those who prefer something shorter. The Freya is one of those, with a unique square design on the skirt and bodice. The ruffled sleeves and soft fabric add a flowy touch, reminiscent of soft flower pedals, making this dress a gorgeous pick for spring and summer events.

Anna Bouche Freya

Anna Bouché Esther Dress & Bloomers

Pair any of these gorgeous dresses with a sweet baby bracelet from Quill & Goose or LittleLundsCo for the perfect outfit for your little girl!

For Little Boys

When shopping for my son's blessing outfit, all that was available were over the top outfits that were tacky as can be. Anna Bouche has the perfect options for those who want something simple yet special for those sweet little boys' events!

Julien Romper

The Julien romper is simple and classic in design, perfect for those who don't want something too dramatic. Sewn with white twill fabric, a classy collar, and 2 buttons on the chest, the Julien offers a crisp and timeless look. The romper is also very functional, with two buttons in the back and snaps in the crotch for easy changing.

Julien Romper anna bouche

Anna Bouché Julien Romper

Although your baby's baptism or blessing day is just a single moment in time, investing in beautiful pieces can make the day extra special. Opening up my cedar chest, nothing brings back more special memories and feelings than holding my children's blessing outfits in my arms. And being able to share those beautiful pieces with my children as they grow and pass them on when they have their own children--now that's something that truly can't be replaced!

Anna Bouche Esther Gown

Each piece takes time to carefully sew and create, making these pieces extra special. Not only will this give you a unique piece that few others will have, but it also means they aren't available in high quantities. So if there's a style you have your eye on, we recommend buying before it sells out! 

We will also be restocking our ENTIRE Anna Bouché collection soon, so make sure to turn on restock notifications at if there's a style you'd like to purchase for your little one's special day.

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