Video: Announcing the New Silver Cross Eclipse Collection

Video: Announcing the New Silver Cross Eclipse Collection

Silver Cross has just released a new 2021 edition to their stroller products: the Eclipse Collection! We got the Wave stroller in the store and let's just say that it is fancy in all the best ways.

There are quite a few things included in the box: a black gloss chassis/frame, a bassinet with a hood and apron, a seat with its hood and apron, a bamboo seat liner, two rain covers, two mosquito nets, cup holders, and adapters for the tandem/second seat. (Just a heads up—the second seat is not included, so you've got to purchase it separately.) Take a look at the unboxing here:

What makes the Eclipse collection so unique and fancy is its 3D-sculpted black fabrics, rose gold detailing, and its glossy frame. The original Wave is classy, but the Eclipse collection feels just that much more elevated. The 2021 Wave is also lighter and has newer fabrics and an updated wheel design for more traction. You can see those details up close here:

Whether or not you're a current fan of the Silver Cross brand, these new updates will wow you. They certainly blew us away!

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