Are Bath Treads a Real Thing?

Are Bath Treads a Real Thing?

If you're a parent, you know all about the mad dash to baby-proof once your little one starts to get more active. You start putting locks on cupboards, putting your heavy books up out of reach, and make sure anything that shouldn't be swallowed isn't within babe's chubby arm's length. But once the house is safe and set, what about the bath?

Is there any real need to baby proof your tub when you're planning on sitting right there, and watching them like a hawk the whole time? Are treads on the tub floor really necessary or is it just another thing to add to your baby proofing stress?

Well to help you out, here's a few thoughts on why bath treads can be great, and sometimes not so great, so you can make up your own mind about whether you think they're worth it! Bath treads are great for families that have kids who are starting to get a little more active and energetic, and for little ones that love to play in the tub. If you have babies who are getting used to pulling themselves up on everything, then they'll probably be doing the same thing in the tub. Treads do a great job of providing some traction for their feet to prevent slipping too hard. Plus a soapy, slippery baby is not the easiest tree to keep from tipping, ya know what I mean? Treads are just another way to help you out.

The downside is that some treads are a little bit gritty, and can actually be uncomfortable for those little bums or legs when our kids are sitting down in the tub. If you have a little one like me who likes to roll around in the bubbles from tummy to tush, and really take advantage of swim time, then the treads may cause a kind of rug burn situation. No thanks, mamas. Finding a product like the Puj Bath Treads is going to be a lifesaver, because they're the perfect middle between comfort and grit to keep your tub floor slip-free. Treads are also a great thing to have when you're talking about getting out of the tub. Any parent with an independent toddler knows that when they decide they're ready to hop out on their own, no amount of wrestling around with a towel is going to help you get them out. The problem? A lot of slipping and sliding. The great thing about Puj treads is it helps them when they're getting out of the tub! Because the adhesive doesn't cause damage, you can actually put them on the bathroom floor for safer exits. *sigh of relief*

The downside to having the treads in and out of the tub? They don't always look great and can really be an eye sore. If you're worried about aesthetics, you can always get a bath mat to cover up the treads anytime your babes aren't bathing, or you can buy adorable treads. You're going to feel like a winner either way! Bath treads are definitely not something that every family needs, and aren't going to be necessary or helpful for every stage of your little one's life. When your little one is content to sit in the tub, or your older kid is a little more coordinated during bath time, then you may choose to skip the treads. Another reason a lot of parents choose to skip the bath treads is that they are a pain to install. Once you do, they peel up and get water and soap underneath, which can lead to yucky mold and nasty results overall. This is another case where Puj is going to help you out because they're easy to install and remove. Also, each pack has enough to cover the majority of the tub. Treads are definitely going to be a huge help for families with kids going through transition stages, giving you a little piece of mind during bath time. For your little ones who are going from sitting to standing, or for your bigger kids who are working on moving from baths to showers, the treads can help to make those changes a little more safe and a little less slippery.

If you're looking for some help in the tub, you will definitely feel safer while your little ones bathe if you have some treads in there. So determine whether or not your babes are at the stage where they need a little extra security! This will make the decision pretty easy for you. This mama's advice? With an easy install, cute colors and no-damage adhesive, Puj treads make me say "Better safe than sorry!"

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