Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

I'm going to be honest...I have owned A LOT of strollers.  My oldest child is almost 8, he is Special Needs and needs to be in a stroller, so I have tried to love a lot of them. Most of the strollers I have owned, I have HATED.  They were either to small or too big, too heavy or too flimsy etc. My husband is 6'3, so he hated most of our strollers because the handle bar was too short and he would kick the wheels or axel.  I was on a MISSION to FIND THE  PERFECT STROLLER!!! ...Ok, if you HAVE TO KNOW how many I've owned, I will tell you...and I'm not proud of it.  It's actually really embarrassing...but here we go...17!!!!!!  That is how much I have hated my strollers.  But the City Mini GT Double was EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I was looking for: the handle bar height, big seats, high weight capacity, AMAZING tires that glide, easy fold, a flat-fold, one-hand steering...I mean the list goes ON & ON.

Let's address one sentence I hear ALLLL THE TIME

when it comes to a double side-by-side: 

"...but, it's too wide and I wouldn't be able to fit through doors..."

WRONG!!!!  This baby can fit almost anywhere!  This is my "NORMAL SIZED" front door.  The average door is 36" and the stroller is 29.75" wide.  The City Select is it's only 4 inches wider.


With that extra 4", you get 2 seats that have a weight capacity of 50 pounds per seat plus the seats are a HECK OF A LOT BIGGER then any other stroller.  Like I said, my almost 8 year old Special Needs kiddo can fit in it.

Here is a photo of where his legs fit.


The foot-well is the largest I have found.


The seat height is also the highest I have found for him.



...and the 5 point harness has a tall adjustment height.

Here are my almost 8 & 3 Year old in the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double!

...they can both see out and have ample space. I SERIOUSLY LOVE this stroller!!!

I can even steer it ONE-HANDED with BOTH of them in it!

Both seats can be reclined independently of each other.

There is a mesh-fabric for air-flow + a flap you can put down if it's too windy.


Both seats have a MESH POCKET on the back for more STORAGE!

The 90 degree rotating handle bar is AWESOME!!!

On the lowest setting, my demanding 3 year old can push the stroller.

I'm 5'4 and the middle setting is perfect for me AND my 6'3 husband.

This is the TALLEST setting...we don't need it that high...but it does go SUPER high if needed.

I love it!!!

The HAND BREAK is perfect especially when you are wearing nice shoes or flip-flops.

...all you have to do is flip it up or down!

We take our stroller EVERY shopping + mall + beach + flying etc.

The CANOPY COVERAGE is AMAZING on this stroller!!!!

The GT has a UV 50+ sun canopy  that can open to multiple positions.

It even has two peek-a-boo windows.



The GT pushes easily across the grass + gravel + curbs.


The tires are "Forever-Air" Tires, meaning that they are a rubber tire inflated with a lightweight foam instead of air. This ensures the tire will not go flat with frequent use or rough terrain and are puncture-proof!



It's perfect for every adventure!

The all-terrain wheels and front wheel suspension work in unison, to ensure your kiddos comfort!


The GT also has a "near-flat" recline.


The FOLD is one of the BEST PARTS about this stroller!!!!

With 2 hands you pull up on the handles in the seat and it folds completely flat!


It fits perfect in my trunk with more room to spare!



ACCESSORIES available to purchase for the City Mini GT Double Stroller:

Carry Travel Bag

(Perfect for flying and giving  your stroller extra protection)

Foot Muff

Weather Shield

Glider Board

(YES, you can turn this Double into a Triple Stroller!!!)

Car Seat Adapter

(available for the Maxi Cosi Mico AP & Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 (find the adapter here), Baby Jogger City Go, & Cybex Aton, Aton 3S, and Aton Q.)

Parent Console

(Perfect for mommy's drink + baby's bottle + keys + wallet + phone!)

Cooler Bag (available for special order)

(Perfect for those LONG + Fun-filled days at the Beach, Park or Amusement Park!)

Belly Bar + Child Tray (available for special order)

(Both are sold separately, you can buy the belly bar & add the child tray to the belly bar!)

I love my Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double!

If you are local, come take it for a test-drive around our stroller-track

...we are SURE you will fall in love too.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double comes in other colors and can be purchased on our website HERE or in-store.

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Can you push it on the sand? How beach compatible is the city mini double GT?


Hi Stephanie!
On the City Mini GT, you can lock the front wheel and it does have pretty good suspension. I think jogging strollers are the best for sand because they have the biggest tires, but the GT does fine. Obviously any stroller on loose sand is not ideal, but if you walk closer to the water where the sand is more firm, you should be good!

Jackie Hall

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