Baby-proofing for the Christmas Season

Baby-proofing for the Christmas Season

Do you have family coming to stay with you this Christmas season? Do they have young kids?  It might be time to think about doing some baby-proofing before they arrive. Here are some easy essentials that will keep kids safe as they play.

-Make sure cleaning supplies are stored up high and out of reach.

 -Install door knob locks on all doors leading outside to prevent little ones from getting out.  They are easy for an adult to take on and off, so they don't need to be a permanent feature in your house. -Install baby gates.  My favorite is the NAVIgate.  It's lightweight, quick to set-up, and features a unique ratcheting system that exceeds industry standards. I love that you can attach it to difficult surfaces like crown molding or banisters. It's also portable, so it's great for parents to bring if they are staying somewhere that won't be baby-proofed. You could even get multiple gates and block off an entire room as the "baby safe zone" if baby-proofing the entire house isn't possible.


Put outlet covers over your electrical outlets. -Make sure all of your medications are stored way up high and out of sight. Kids often mistake medicine for candy and will go to great lengths to get to them if they're in sight. -There can be lots of dangers lurking in the kitchen and laundry room. Be careful of knives and dish/laundry detergent packs. Installing safety clips on cupboard doors can be a great help.


 4moms Breeze -If you're setting up a Pack 'n Play for kids to sleep in, be sure to set it up away from anything that could harm them, such as blinds. Also, be sure to set it up far enough from a wall, so that if they were to climb out, they wouldn't get stuck. -Make sure blind cords are not hanging down---they pose a strangulation hazard. For an easy and inexpensive fix, just put up two tacks at the top of the blinds and wrap the cords around them -Look around the house for chocking hazards/things that could be swallowed such as nuts and button batteries. Babies love to put everything in their mouth. -Be cautious of heavy furniture (such as bookcases) because if a child were to pull that on top of themselves, the results could be devastating (especially in the bedrooms that the kids will be staying in). Securing furniture to the wall is the best way to secure it. -Get on the child's level and look for anything you might have missed. It might seem like a lot of work but it will be so worth it to have a safe place for grandkids or other children to visit every time they come.

*Remember that baby-proofing is only a deterrent. No amount of baby-proofing is a substitute for adult supervision.*

Have a happy and safe Christmas!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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