Baby Swings To Swoon Over

Baby Swings To Swoon Over

Infancy is full of newness and love and fresh babies from heaven; and it's also full of exhausted moms, unbathed moms, and my-arms-are-so-tired-from-holding-this-baby moms. Thankfully, modern day mamas have products, like baby swings, to make those first months easier. In this post, I discuss the mamaRoo and Nuna Leaf baby swings and compare and contrast their qualities, while also shedding light on why you may prefer one over the other.


The mamaRoo is the ultimate modern day mom's dream swing. The sleek design fits in tight spaces and is beautiful to look at. The motions of themamaRoo were replicated from the real motions that moms and dads make while rocking, swaying, or bouncing their baby, meaning that this swing is the closest thing to you that your child can relax in. Many of the reviewers also love the music options on themamaRoo. It features four built-in music choices and offers a port plug-in to enjoy music from your phone as well. The bluetooth feature is also a favorite among parents. If your child is fussing over the selected motion, simply use your phone like a remote, and choose from five different motion settings without moving! Easy peasy! While themamaRoo is a top-of-the-line baby swing, it doesn't come without a hefty price tag. One of the biggest concerns among buyers is that the baby swing simply costs too much for a rapidly growing infant. For the average family, the mamaRoo would definitely be an investment, suitable for a first child with the intention of using it again with other potential children in the future. ThemamaRoo is also only meant for infants until the age of 6 months old, and plenty of children use their swings beyond that age. For more information head to the Baby Cubby!

Nuna Leaf

 The Nuna Leaf baby swing was designed after a leaf floating in the breeze. Created to give babies the same, mesmerizing feeling, theNuna Leaf  seemingly floats on air! It is not battery or power operated in any way, but instead moves unassisted with a simple push. This is a fantastic feature if you have other children crawling around on the floor--no power cords to worry about! The seat locks into place for hassle-free feedings, and stationary play. The fabric is also made with skin-friendly pH and no toxic substances. TheNuna Leaf  is built to last years! Tolerating weights of infants through 130 lbs, your child will only outgrow this swing once he grows into adulthood! The Nuna Leaf is also quite expensive, but buyers have noted that because the weight limit is high, they are able to use it for much longer, and even with multiple children that are different ages. Because of this, they are okay with the price being as high as it is. TheNuna Leaf  is not electronic in any way, meaning you will have to be aware when and if the motion starts to slow down. The motions on theNuna Leaf  are also more limited compared to the mamaRoo. It is definitely a simpler design with basic movements. TheNuna Leaf also has no music options, and depending on you and your baby's preferences, that could be a deal breaker.

To ask questions or find more information on these two swings, head over to the Baby Cubby website! Our Cubby Moms are online and ready to chat! We know this is a big investment and that you want the best for your bundle of joy, and we are here to help!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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