Babymel Robyn v. Babymel George

Babymel Robyn v. Babymel George

If you're looking for a new diaper bag that is perfect for both mom and dad and is lightweight, easy to clean, and fits your on-the-go lifestyle, Babymel has you covered with their backpack style Robyn and George bags.

Babymel specializes in making functional and stylish bags that moms and dads love to wear, and with the unisex styles and fabrics, and faux leather trim these backpacks absolutely fit the bill! Both the Robyn and the George are made from coated canvas, so it's waterproof, and if it does get dirty cleans up with just a wipe. And speaking of easy to clean, both bags come with a padded changing mat made from the same (super cute) heart embossed fabric as the lining of the bags.

To make your life easier while you're out and about with your little, the bags both feature an outer pocket with a built-in wipe dispenser. The pocket fits a travel-size pack of wipes (a little too small for the standard size packs) but does have a velcro closure to keep them from drying out! Another lifesaver for parents are the integrated stroller straps-- both bags have velcro straps that easily attach to your stroller so you can take off the bag, and you're not dealing with slipping or sliding on your stroller handlebar! There are a couple of unique features that set the Robyn and the George:

Babymel Robyn

The Robyn comes in four different colors: Black, Tweed, Navy Stripe, and Faux Tan Leather

Babymel Robyn- Black
Babymel Robyn- Tweed
Babymel Robyn- Navy Stripe
Babymel Robyn- Faux Tan

One of the best features about the Robyn is the convertible straps that let you wear it as a backpack, a shoulder bag, a cross body messenger bag, or just a handheld bag. You simply loosen or tighten the straps depending on how you want to wear the bag! You can check out our review video to see how to change up your wearing style and take a closer look at the bag!

The Robyn has a wide opening with a double zipped closure, and 3 outer pockets. Along with the wipe dispenser pocket, there is a bottle pocket and one larger pocket on the front with a magnetic closure. The Robyn also comes with an insulated bottle holder with a drawstring to keep your bottles hot or cold for around 4 hours! On the inside there are 2 open pockets perfect for bottles or snacks, and 1 zippered pocket for added security.

A couple of things that you might want to keep in mind before purchasing is the size of the bag and the number of pockets. This bag may not be big enough to fit every single thing in there, and might get a little crowded once you add another babe to the mix. There are also some mamas who wish there were more pockets-- both on the inside to keep things a little more organized, and on zippered pockets on the outside to keep things a little more secure.

Babymel George

The George is available in two different colors: Black/Grey and Mid Blue/Oatmeal

Babymel George- Black/Grey
Babymel George- Mid Blue/Oatmeal

This is a true backpack style diaper bag with padded straps and 7 pockets all around. The George has 3 outer pockets: the wipe dispenser, bottle pocket, and a front zipper pocket with a magnetic closure (not really functional, just stylish). A really cool feature is the extra zipper pocket that is actually on the back of the bag that keeps your phone, wallet, or keys safe against your back while you're wearing it!

Inside you have a spacious main compartment with the double zipped closure, a padded tech pouch for holding your laptop or tablet, and 2 insulated bottle pockets that hold temp for 4 hours.

You can check out our Youtube video for a closer look at the George and get our Cubby Mom's opinion on all the great features!

If you're looking for a unisex, lightweight, and easy to clean and carry diaper bag you will have a hard time choosing between the Babymel Robyn and George. These bags are great for new moms, or even parents with multiple little ones who want to keep things classic and cool!

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